Snazzy eggs and rabbit ears feature in Chilton pupils’ Easter bonnet creations

Easter bonnets at Chilton

An intricate array of imaginative hats were under the spotlight as Easter went to the heads of children at Chilton primary.

Boys and girls across the school dreamed up fancy and fanciful bonnets and proudly showed them to classmates, friends and staff.

Head of School Kate Law said: “There were so many different styles and designs.

“The creative ideas gave us all a treat – wherever you looked there was something to catch the eye.

“This year we focussed on the Easter bonnet extravaganza as the centrepiece of our celebrations and a winner was chosen from each year group. It was a tough decision because there were so many amazing bonnets.”

Some of the bonnets were traditional designs featuring tiny bunnies and chicks, snazzy eggs and floppy rabbit ears. Many of the hats were comprehensive works of creative art and others were large statement pieces ranging from a huge rabbit head to a football pitch with chicks and bunnies facing up ready for kick off with a piglet refereeing.

Pupils held their own parades and celebrations in their classes, as the usual large gatherings are not permitted under current pandemic restrictions.

Children also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, and pupils set off at the end of afternoon school, for the holidays with a chocolate treat each.

Mrs Law added: “During lessons our children explored how Easter is celebrated around the world and what it means to different people. Major festivals like Easter give our pupils the chance to explore their meaning and significance, as well as having some fun at the end of another successful term at Chilton.”