Gifts for Ellington head teacher Nicky Brown to mark her last day at the infant school

Gifts for Ellington's Nicky Brown

Ellington head teacher Nicky Brown left her role yesterday (April 1) after nine years at the infant school.

Youngsters presented Nicky with gifts to mark her departure.

Nicky said : “I shall treasure my time at Ellington. The staff are so dedicated and incredibly caring and the children, past and present, have made every day a joy. I shall miss them all.”

Assistant head teacher Caroline Wheeler added: “We celebrated Ms Brown’s last day outside as a whole school. The children cheered and waved flags that they had created, whilst she walked around being able to say goodbye to every pupil in the school.

“We are really sad to say goodbye to Nicky after nine years at Ellington but we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our school with Mr Ahmet joining us as our new head teacher this month.“