Plans submitted for Starbucks drive-thru at Westwood

Starbucks application for Westwood Image L S Thanet Ltd

A planning application to build a Starbucks drive-thru next to McDonalds at Westwood Cross has been submitted to Thanet council.

The application is made on behalf of L S Thanet Ltd and details plans for a single storey standalone coffee shop with a drive thru facility, associated landscaping, access and parking.

The new proposal provides 1,840ft²  of coffee shop floor area with associated drive thru facility on land to the west of the existing McDonalds.

Image L S Thanet Ltd

Planning documents say: “The development will provide a positive contribution and provide new job opportunities.”

Proposals are for shared vehicle access with McDonalds, a drive-thru lane with space for eight queuing vehicles and parking for 18 vehicles.

The application states 14 full time and 6 part time jobs are proposed. Opening hours are listed as 6am to 8pm, seven days a week.

The site was previously earmarked for development in 2012. Documents from Tetra Tech Planning on behalf of the applicant say: “It is one of the missing parts of the jigsaw that formed part of the previous comprehensive proposals for this southern section of Westwood Cross envisaged on the 2012 masterplan submission.”

A decision by Thanet council is yet to be made. The application can be found on Thanet council’s planning page, reference F/TH/21/0371


  1. If approved it will please some. However, how many jobs will be minimum hours. It is full time employment that Thanet needs.

  2. The application states 14 full time and 6 part time jobs are proposed. And any jobs in this area are appreciated.

  3. Westwood Cross only has three coffee places, so this is vital. Why not build another Tesco store at Jackey Bakers while you are at it?

  4. And ,yet another garbage food and drink outlet,to satisfy the “fast food”junkies of Thanet.Instant gratification,with obscene doses of sugar!

  5. More rubbish, more litter, more cardboard and plasic waste – more stop go traffic, more supping a coffee at the wheel… westwood Cross is such a desolate, inhuman wasteland this should fit in nicely.

  6. Obviously reading some of the comments, these people don’t want any investment,employment or opportunities in Thanet. There is no wonder investors are hesitant to bring new investments to Thanet, when they just come up against all this negativity.Thanet will only carry on declining and will still be a deprived area without investment,like the Airport and tourism in our costal towns.

    • You only have to look around you to see two thirds of people are fat, overweight, or obese, why? Because they don’t know how to cook decent, nutritious, non fattening food! When I was growing up in the 40’s and 50’s, the only fast food available was fish & chips, and I don’t remember seeing any fatties around in those days!

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