Artistic achievements celebrated at The Royal Harbour Academy

The Pugin tiles created by Royal Harbour Academy students

There has been a lot to celebrate at The Royal Harbour Academy with Year 10 students artistic achievements.

Last week students were presented with certificates for completing their Silver Arts Award qualification as well as prizes for winning the Pugin tiles competition.

The Silver Arts award was achieved by six Royal Harbour students who, in the face of the challenges the first lockdown brought, still managed to independently complete enough work to pass the course last year. The qualification involved students completing personal arts challenges and taking on leadership projects such as helping to host a primary school art conference.

One of the students being presented with their Arts Award said: “I cannot believe that I now have a level 2 qualification before I have completed my GCSEs. I am so happy and proud that my hard work paid off. I learnt a lot from the award but most of all I am now much more confident as a person and more skilled in art.”

The Pugin project started in Year 8, two years ago. Students were tasked to design tiles, inspired by the work of Pugin, for installation on the Kent Place steps in Ramsgate. These tiles were installed last year but the lockdown happened just before the prizes and certificates could be formally presented as part of an opening ceremony.

Last Thursday was the first real opportunity for the students to receive their certificates and prizes which were each student’s own framed tile. These were presented by Richard Todd, Head of Year 10 who said “This is a superb achievement by our students and great recognition of their work”.

Students had been previously presented with coasters printed with their designs. They had also had the opportunity to see their work on display in the McGillan & Woodell gallery in Ramsgate.

The tiles are available to buy at the following link with a commission going back to the school to support future art projects:

One of the students presented with their certificate and framed tile said: “I have already taken my family to see my tiles on the steps. I enjoyed the project as we got to go on a trip to see Pugin’s work in real life. I found it so inspiring to see his tiles in person and to now see my own tile on the steps is just amazing as my own art is out there for everyone to see for years to come!”

Mrs Green, who is an Arts Award Advisor and the Lead for Artsmark at The Royal Harbour Academy, said “Thursday was a fantastic day for our Year 10 artists as it celebrated their art achievements for both the Arts Awards and for the Pugin project. We are always looking for opportunities for students to become involved in art beyond the classroom, especially if it brings benefits to the community.

“This is one of the main reasons why we are continuing to run the Silver Arts Award with our students as it challenges them to get involved with real life art projects. To see so many of our student’s designs on the steps makes me so proud of them. Many of the students receiving the awards are aspiring into creative careers once they leave school and no doubt these awards will look fantastic on their CVs in the future.”


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