Santander to shut Margate branch this Summer

Margate Santander Image google maps

The Santander bank in Margate will shut as part of 111 closures across the country.

The High Street branch will shut at 4pm on July 22. The nearest branch will then be in Ramsgate High Street.

Santander says before reaching the decision a full review of the branch was undertaken, including the way Margate branch customers are choosing to bank; the proximity of other Santander branches in surrounding areas and the availability of alternative ways to bank with Santander, and additional ways to bank locally such as the Post Office and cash machines. The impact on staff was also assessed.

A statement from Santander says: “Our customers are continuing to change the way they manage their money, visiting our branches much less and enjoying the convenience of doing their day-to-day banking using Online, Mobile or Telephone Banking. This change has been happening over a number of years now and has accelerated in recent times.

“Because of these changes, we’ve carefully and thoroughly reviewed the way we deliver our services and considered many factors, including where each of our branches are located and how they’re used.

“We know our branch network remains important to our customers and whilst we’ve made the difficult decision to close some branches, we’ve only done so where we know there are other facilities our customers can use, and where we have another branch within a few miles.

“We’ve assessed each branch individually to consider the potential impact for our customers, colleagues and the alternative options available to bank locally.”


  1. Profit before people, used to be abbey national building society before they were sold off to be made a bank and then bought by a spanish company who gave poor service

    • I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Labour member and county councillor. You still have no clue, do you?

      Fact: majority of people bank using telephone, mobile and post office.

      This certain branch has seen a 94% drop in customers visiting in the last 3 years (pre-covid) according to Santander.

      It’s called business. It’s not affordable to keep it open, it loses money, so why keep it open? But because you love wasting tax payers money, I guess your answer will be keep it open at the banks expense while it loses money.

      You still have no idea do you about the real life outside a Labour bubble? Please answer.

      After reading your original post Barry, I do certainly think that you believe there is a magic money tree somewhere and that money grows on it.

  2. Waste of money having a refit then wasn’t it?
    There are less and less places to do cash transactions, putting money in and taking it out of your bank for older people who do not do internet banking, or even shop keepers to put cash into the banks. The post office now has queues of people where the banks that have closed would have taken those customers.
    It has all become about streamlining with no customer support for the millions of people using those banks.

    • All that money for a refit…. What a waste. What about the elderly and people who don’t use the Internet. How will they manage? This branch is used by many surrounding areas and Ramsgate is quite a long way for some. I for one will consider changing banks.

  3. Just who will be next 😡
    Pity the elderly who don’t bank online and lack mobility .
    Shame on you financial giants 😡

  4. It is very sad another Bank is closing in Margate, also after the refit. But I suppose the money saved can pay Ant and Dec for more adverts. The worse thing is they can say it was little used, as over the last year it was only open a few hours each day. making it very difficult to visit if you have to work for a living.

  5. Obviously there is a demand for cash facilities in Thanet amongst some people. The demise of the high street is frightening as more multinnationals have abandoned buildings
    and resorted to being faceless and unapproachable. Greed wins again

  6. Tbh, even before covid19 restrictions. Queue time at the local post office can often be awfully long.

    Another business which seems not to be returning is Argos Ramsgate high st.

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