Permission granted for bar and bistro plan at former Port and Anchor pub in Ramsgate

The Port and Anchor pub

The former Port and Anchor pub in Ramsgate is destined to become a bistro bar and holiday lets after planning permission was granted by Thanet council.

The Albion Hill boozer was sold at auction last year after its closure prior to the first national lockdown. The new proposals put forward by Harbour View Ramsgate Ltd include change of use of the ground and lower ground floor from a public house to a bar/bistro and the renovation and restoration of the upper floors from function rooms and accommodation, to 3 self-contained, 2 bed, holiday apartments.

Planning documents for the project say: “The proposals ensure the community use of the building is not lost but diversified to retain a viable and thriving local business.

“The change of use of the upper floors to tourist accommodation would equally ensure the commercial viability of the property as a whole through a dual use across the building. This is fully supported by the  Local Plan Policy and ensures the regeneration of a prominent building within the Royal Harbour and town centre setting.”

The site had been a pub since circa 1847 and was previously named The Royal Standard.

Thanet council granted permission for the plan last week.


  1. Well done to Thanet-led TDC for yet another approval with absolutely no parking provision for the three apartments.

        • Anyone concerned about parking would check what was available, any holiday listing would have details of whats available. Believe it or not there are those that travel by means other than a car, and assuming that they are not ( as you so eloquently describe “idiots” ) they’ll have made their own mind up as to the suitability of the accomodation for their needs. What other use would you propose for the building?
          Whilst i can understand that you disagree with my opinion, its surely scant evidence to suggest i’m less mentally agile than yourself self ( assuming of course you don’t place yourself in the same group)

        • The multistorey is suitable for any sort of parking that people are willing to pay for. The flats are destined to be holiday lets ( wether thats how they remain is another thing) so parking costs will just be another holiday expense. The building is never going to have any parking , has few other uses, so the plans probably represent a good compromise. The location means that for those that don’t have/wish to own a car , everything is still easily accessible along with public transport.
          What else should have happened to the building ?

  2. I agree with LC Travelodge doesn’t have a car park. Last thing needed is another empty building, this development will bring much needed investment from the private sector.

  3. So lets just leave it as an empty building for people to vandalise – why are most residents so negative surely its a good thing for buildings to be kept in good order rather than derelict and empty – take a look at the high street – I live in an area where there is no parking and I just park in the next street or the next – please can we have some positive attitudes for Ramsgate we need to look after the buildings not let then remain empty and turn into eyesores –

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