Father and son team who have catered for the stars plan to expand Room Service menu

Vic and Sam Bussey from Room Service

Father and son Vic and Sam Bussey have cooked for stars from Will I Am and Justin Bieber to the cast of Game of Thrones and a host of F1 drivers on the Grand Prix circuit.

They have dished up top class creations aboard yachts at Monaco and  delivered a chef in your own home service.

And now they are feeding the people of Thanet with food business Room Service.

Fresh produce, top grade ingredients and a dash of TLC have proven to be the ingredients to success for the venture which launched in January following the duo’s massive effort in December to feed thousands of truckers parked up at Manston.

Working from a premises at The Oaks in Manston, the pair are now using their catering skills to bring an ever growing menu to Thanet, including vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Vic, 56, and Sam, 23, have received glowing reviews for their food, which is freshly prepared each day using locally sourced ingredients, and plaudits for recyclable and/or biodegradable packing.

Vic says the plan is to keep increasing menu options each week so customers can get all their takeaway fancies in one stop and to add interesting new trends such as a range of high protein foods.

He said: “When you have a takeaway at home you are restricted, will it be pizza or curry etc. The trouble is sometimes people want different things so if they have to order separately it’ll arrive at different times and they won’t eat together.

“So, what we want to do is give people the option to order pizza, burger, curry – the concept is there is a different range of foods but all from one takeaway.

“We offer decent food in the comfort of your own home. Our benchmark is not the cheapest food at the highest profit, we use the best ingredients such as Angus steak for our burgers. People deserve good food, that arrives hot, so we are also focusing on our time slots.

“We don’t pre-make anything, it is all fresh, there is no mass production.

“I look after several yachts in Monaco, Grand Prix, people like Kim Kardashian and Will I Am so we are used to doing high quality food and people are prepared to pay that little bit more if what they are getting for that is good quality.”

Vic says the business was born from the Manston catering where he and Sam produced some 3,000 meals over just four days.

The pair are currently exploring plant-based ‘meat’ to extend the vegan/vegetarian menu and are also looking at dietary needs and allergies.

Vic added: “High protein foods seem to be quite in demand at the moment so we are looking at that and at what might be coming up over the next two to three years in terms of trends, which is quite interesting.”

Once business doors can reopen properly Vic and Sam are also planning to offer breakfasts and lunches for others who are based at The Oaks business park.

Find Room Service online at samsroomservice.co.uk

The taste test

We are definite foodies in my house, the son is a dab hand at cooking, I’m pretty good on savouries and the bloke is top class at eating it.

So, we tried out the Aberdeen Angus burgers and chips and two pizzas – pepperoni and Italian cured meats.

They arrived – hot – boxed up in recyclable cardboard and presented beautifully. The burgers had a good lettuce bed and toppings including bacon and (the all essential) pickle. Meaty texture and taste with an ample side of fries -it’s a thumbs up.

The pizza bases were clearly freshly made and toppings on of the tomato base packed plenty of flavour. There were a couple of pieces left over – always a good sign that everyone is full – although they had ‘disappeared’ by morning.

Prices are slightly higher than some places but you are paying for good quality ingredients and experienced prep and cooking.

I’ll be trying it out again soon.


  1. Excellent food and service from this fantastic local company . Certainly made our Mother’s Day . Looking forward to using them regularly. Good luck Vic , Sam and the team

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