Covid vaccinations now available for the over-50s


People aged 50 and over can now book their covid jab.

As the vaccination programme marks the 100th day new invitations are now going out nationally to millions of people aged 50 to 54 in the latest stage of the programme, the biggest in NHS history and fastest in Europe.

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said: “Just 100 days since the NHS gave the world’s first Covid jab outside of clinical trials, our vaccine programme passes another milestone as we now invite everyone aged 50 and over to book their vaccination.”

Today (March 17) marks 100 days since the NHS gave the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination on December 8, 2020, and broke ground in the global race to protect people against the coronavirus.

Healthcare teams continue to urge anyone yet to be vaccinated to take up the offer as around two million additional text messages go out from today with a link allowing people also to pick a convenient slot at an NHS vaccine centre, or pharmacy-led service through the national booking service website.

Bookings for covid vaccines can be made online or call 119.

The text alerts will be followed up with 2.4 million letters landing on doorsteps later in the week.

The NHS has already delivered a vaccine to more than 20 million people in England as supplies have flowed since early December, with the NHS committed to offering vaccinations as quickly as available supply allows in the coming weeks.

The latest batch of national invites follows a significant boost to bookings last week, with a major push by text message and letter prompting slots booked almost to double in 48 hours from 340,000 on March 7 to 609,000 on March 9 when texts were sent.


    • Your a Pillock Stan! Perfectly healthy young people have died after getting Covid! Its people like you that could be spreading the killer virus, which could kill people like me! A third of people with the virus are asymptomatic that means they are spreading it around without knowing it, if they don’t wear a mask ALL the time when out! You need help with your Pillockism Stan, get it, and your jab, don’t be a Pillock!

    • It’s your right not to be vaccinated. It’s my right not to be exposed to the hazard you present.
      You can’t come in my pub, restaurant, bar, shop, bus, taxi, aircraft, cruise ship ….
      Your choice.

      • Eu have announced today that they plan to let you into their country if you have a recent negative covid test as to not to discriminate against young people who will be choosing not to have it. Thank god it doesn’t look like your idea for a dictatorship is going to be run Phyllis

        • It is already the case that many countries in the world demand a vaccination certificate for (for example) yellow fever.
          It’s not a dictatorship. It’s common sense

          • Whether you like it or not Phyllis large numbers of young people especially around areas like London won’t be getting this vaccine. Who can blame them with all the doubts going around. And it is a dictatorship you want. Its not common sense to turn away business for anyone

      • If young people were seriously at risk they would choose to be vaccinated. As things are, I think people who don’t get vaccinated are either paranoid or selfish. I too think a vaccination certificate is a sensible idea. Why is it considered by some to be different from a driving licence , a passport, a bus or train pass, a library card?

  1. Stan there’s something about you that needs looking after. Don’t you know how many havd been killed by this? It can properly hurt you. Get vaccinated. Looking after yourself is more than eating good food & exercise.

    • Bang on Chris T, I haven’t checked but over 400 people in Thanet have died so far of the virus! I would welcome it if it was made compulsory to have the vaccination, because its people like Stan who are killing people if they don’t!

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