Ramsgate dad thanks ‘perfect’ hospital teams who saved lives of his partner and newborn son

Baby Maxwell was born weighing just 1.5lbs

A Ramsgate dad has praised the amazing neonatal and intensive care teams at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford for saving the life of his partner and newborn son.

Former sports and celebrity coach driver Aaron Gammon, who has now applied to join Kent Police force, says the ‘phenomenal’ team sprung into action when he became worried about partner Cherelle Webb who was 24 weeks and 5 days into a ‘high risk’ pregnancy.

Cherelle had been monitored as it was deemed there was a miscarriage risk due to suffering sub chorionic hematoma hemorrhage which is bleeding under one of the membranes that surrounds the embryo inside the uterus.

After 24 weeks into pregnancy it would be possible for medical staff to make efforts to save the baby.

On March 5 Cherelle, who has three older children, underwent a scan at the Ashford hospital and staff confirmed foetal distress. Following further examination her waters broke and baby Maxwell was born at 11.04pm, weighing in at just 1.5lbs.

Cherelle and Aaron

Aaron, who is currently a full-time dad to his two boys aged 5 and 10, said: “The doctor and midwife jumped into action and within maybe 15 seconds there was a full team including doctors, midwifes, neonatal team and Maxwell was taken straight away to the opposite side of the neonatal delivery room we were in and life saving treatment began.”

The teams also had to act fast to save the life of Cherelle who lost 1.8litres of blood in a matter of minutes.

Aaron said: “Cherelle was very unresponsive and was losing blood fast. She was rushed to theatre due to the blood loss. She had 2 units of blood to replace the loss and treatment to stop the bleed.

“I cannot stress enough that everything from start to finish was done with such a professional and expert manner and within maybe 10 to 15 minutes both Maxwell and Cherelle were gone from the delivery suite to receive that life-saving treatment they both so desperately needed.”

Cherelle has made a full recovery and Maxwell is being looked after at the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The couple visit every day but are also updated via a V-Create app which is used to send them photos and videos of little Maxwell.

Aaron said: “Cherelle and myself want to thank absolutely everyone involved and feel that recognition for them is fully deserved.

“There is not one thing I could ever do to show my appreciation and gratefulness for saving not only our son but my beautiful best friend and partner Cherelle.

“Maxwell is being looked after in the neonatal intensive care unit where the treatment and service that has been shown is none other than perfection at its finest. I personally would love to thank all involved one at a time but there are too many to name.”

Aaron gives his tiny son a ‘cuddle’

A spokesman for East Kent Hospitals said: “We’re delighted to hear that Cherelle and Maxwell are doing well.

“Our staff work really hard to keep families connected with their babies when they are in hospital, and the V-Create app is one way of doing that.

“It means staff can record and send videos and images that can help parents feel involved and reassured when they are not physically with them.

“It can also help other family members feel connected with Maxwell while he is still in hospital and visiting is restricted.”

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  1. How wonderful to hear such positive news about mother and baby.
    I wish all of them well and good health and happiness for the future.

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