Man arrested and crack cocaine and heroin seized by officers in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Cash and suspected crack cocaine and heroin have been seized and a man arrested by officers investigating drug dealing in Ramsgate.

A Kent Police patrol stopped a vehicle in Canterbury Road East shortly after 1am yesterday (March 7) after believing there to be a connection to the supply of drugs.

A large amount of suspected crack cocaine and heroin, along with around £700 in cash, was seized as part of an ongoing investigation.

A 29-year-old man from south London was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

He has since been released under investigation while enquiries continue.


  1. Well done Kent Police, all these interruptions must be really annoying to these druggies 😂

    I’d love to be involved in the work to stop this type of crime, even as a volunteer.

    • Not at all, this is a drop in the ocean-it looks good for the police to keep nicking small time dealers, but it has never & never will interrupt the business of the big players or the amount of drugs flooding the streets.

      There are a million of these patsies ready to drive through Dover & other ports-often the people running it & their underlings will shop them to allow bigger amounts to get through, they can afford to lose relatively small amounts & know the idiots will go to prison for 5 years or whatever rather than squeal any names above them, if they even know any.

  2. Ha ha the drug dealers must be as thick as two planks if they think they can drive on deserted roads in the by middle of the night and not be noticed by the police. The police are having a lot of success lately with nicking the drug dealers.

    • In normal times they’d arrive in a mini cab and ply their trade locaaly agin using cabs, before returning to london again in a cab. Its only because of covid that they’ve started using cars more often. Once cabs are back on the road properly they’ll resort to their old ways and be pretty much invisible again.

  3. They are all let out again to carry on their death trade whilst investigations continue. The courts need to lock them up while any investigations are carried out. When the police keep catching these gangsters coming down from London in their flashy cars loaded up with heroin and cocaine amongst other drugs it is 100% obvious what they are up to. Don’t let them out on bail to disappear and carry on the evil trade as all that does is cause a diversion for a day. They need taking off the streets for a long stretch.

    • What needs to happen is a change in the law to legalise drugs-the majority of which are overall less harmful than Alcohol & Tobacco-two legal & accepted drugs, sold legally in shops. You take away the criminals cutting/bulking the drugs with Fentanyl & other horrible/potentially lethal substances & allow addicts to use them, while also improving treatment centres to get them off them & you reduce their impact greatly.

      Decade after decade of the streets being swamped with drugs, one dealer taken off the streets & five more fighting to take their place, overflowing prisons full of addicts who them come out & continue have shown this approach doesn’t work.

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