Police operation cracks down on drug dealing in Thanet

Image Kent Police

A two-day operation to crack down on drug dealing in Thanet has been carried out by Kent Police.

Officers from the County Line and Gang Team were supported by colleagues from Kent Police’s Proactive Targeting Team during the work on March 1-2.

Patrols were carried out across the district and a motorist, who is reported to have tried to evade police, was stopped in a vehicle in Unity Place, Ramsgate, and searched.

Individual bags of cannabis were found along with cash, weighing scales and multiple mobile phones. The 20-year-old from Ramsgate was arrested on suspicion of possession of class B drugs with intent to supply and has been released on bail until March 30.

In total nine people were stopped and searched, safeguarding was carried out and a car was seized for no insurance.

Detective Constable Pete Frampton from the County Line and Gang Team said: “This work is key to disrupting and dismantling the drug trade in our county and helping to remove the fear and anxiety it causes to innocent members of the public. The supply and misuse of drugs in any area can have a profound effect on our communities. Those involved in these offences can also find themselves linked to other types of crime including violence.

“Disrupting drug activity and regularly safeguarding people who are being manipulated by drug dealers remains a priority for us and we will continue to do all we can to show criminals this behaviour won’t be tolerated.

“Our team of officers dedicated to tackling county line drug dealing made 24 arrests in February, seized more than £20,000 in cash and 15 weapons.”

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  1. Good work by the Police. Keep it up, make it difficult for the dealers to operate in Thanet. A large proportion of crime is committed in order to pay for drugs.

    • Just because you don’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean nothing is, they maybe under surveillance to catch a bigger fish but having said that, I would still keep reporting it until I was such a pain that I either got answers or something was done.

  2. Spot on Big nose , sadly the people living close to the small dealer have to put up with it, it is a good idea to report it once , the police are not after them they are after the bigger fish . To stop the small one would mean they just move to another property or replaced by another small time .
    Some investigations take months but they are watched to lead to the bigger fish.
    If anyone reads this them people living in our road or next door dealing are being watched but police keep them in one place.
    Police just happened to stop a few cars ?? ha ha , they knew what was in them but as i said this can take months.

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