Kent County Council ‘pothole blitz’ underway

Let's hope they get round to this hole in Botany Road Photo Mike Nichols

Kent County Council says another £10 million blitz on the county’s potholes has started this month (March).

Over the last year, KCC patched 358,840 square metres of Kent’s roads, equivalent of 50 full size football pitches.

In addition, 600, one metre square individual potholes have been repaired, bringing the total number of individual pothole repairs across the county to 49,945.

With temperatures beginning to rise, crews will be covering each district in Kent, targeting new potholes caused by the recent sub-zero weather.

KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport Michael Payne said: “Kent Highways is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of 5,400 miles of road, one of the largest road networks in the country.

“With the recent rain, snow and ice, our roads have had a tough time – water gets into the road surface and when it freezes it expands causing cracks and subsequently potholes.

“With temperatures warming up, we’re now able to send out our dedicated teams, assigned their own district to focus the work.

“Their job is to respond to reports we receive about specific damage to our road network, as well as patch potholes our inspectors and highway stewards find on our road network whilst they are out and about.

“Roads in Kent carry significantly higher volumes of freight than many in the rest of England and inevitably the number of vehicles using our roads, with some seven billion miles of journeys a year, takes its toll.

“Investing substantial resources into fixing our roads is a major priority for Kent County Council.”

KCC has contracted the work out to local companies in the districts to ensure quicker response times to reports of problems.

In Thanet Amey will undertake the works;

KCC has also recently launched a £5 million resurfacing programme covering 26 locations around the county. This continues through to the end of March and then a considerably larger programme will then carry on over the spring, summer and autumn months.

Kent County Council is responsible for most of the roads in Kent except motorways and trunk roads.

Highways England is responsible for motorways and major roads such as the M20, M2, A21, A2, A249 and A20.


  1. As most of the roads are potholes, it would be quicker and cheaper to lower the remaining road surface to the level of the bottom of the potholes.

  2. It is so sad to see Kent’s roads in Romney Marsh akin to Romania 20 years ago. So man potholes and ruts. We are losing roads as an asset to negligent lack of maintenance. Some roads in Romney Marsh are in fact now closed to vehicles. It is like waretime. Yet we are the 5th most wealthy nation!

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