Margate covid test site drive-in facility is being taken down

Coming down: The test site at the Dreamland car park

The drive-in facility at the covid testing centre at the car park by Dreamland in Margate is being dismantled today.

The site has been operational since October 15 as a drive through/walk through facility for those with covid symptoms.

The drive in centre is closed, but the walk in centre remains and is open 8am – noon for PCR tests and 1.30pm- 7pm (8pm every night as of Friday, March 5) for collection of home test kits. The collection of home test kits is part of the drive for secondary pupils to have regular tests.

Pupils can either get tests at school, or they can be ordered online or parents/carers can pick up the home tests -maximum two boxes per time – at Margate and at the Manston site.

The site is part of the largest network of diagnostic testing facilities created in British history, which has included more than 500 centres across the UK.

Anyone with symptoms can book or order a test at Those unable to access the internet can call 119.

Covid test site being set up at the car park by Dreamland in October

The testing site is one of two for those with symptoms, the other site being at Manston, with two more sites at Birchington and Ramsgate Port running for people who were not displaying symptoms.

There is now a mass vaccination programme well underway through GP hubs and the large-scale site at the Saga building off Haine Road.

Thanet’s rolling seven day rate for positive covid cases is again reducing and stands at 70.5 per 100,000 (as of February 25) far below rates in December and January which were at a high of 687.7 on January 7.

The Department for Health has been asked for further details.


  1. Walk in centre is till open for PCR tests in the morning 8.00 – 12.00 and to collect home testing kits between 12.30 and 7.00

  2. Surely this would be the perfect spot for the Dem People Margate Collective to virtue signal & guilt trip the 95.4% of white Thanet residents from? On second thoughts just let the travelers move back there permanently.

  3. The car park belongs to Dreamland now TDC sold it off. Let them deal with the travellers or anyone that moves onto it.

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