Lorry ends up on Sevenscore roundabout during morning fog

The lorry ended up on the Sevenscore roundabout Photo Hazel Nicholls

Police were in attendance after a HGV ended up on the Sevenscore roundabout near Cliffsend due, it is thought, to foggy conditions.

The incident happened at around 6am today (March 2). The roundabout is on the A299/A256/Cottington Link Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report at 5.54am  that a lorry had become stuck on the Sevenscore roundabout on the A299, near to Pegwell.

“Officers attended to assist with recovery. No injuries were reported. The road was clear by around 9.30am.”


  1. These guy’s are supposed to be professional drivers, driving in fig is when the professionalism is supposed to step up a gear or two!

  2. With so many lorries driving around not knowing where they’re going round all the roundabouts, often in the wrong lane, it is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens. I’ve seen lorries stuck after going down the wrong road, another minor accident, etc. Lorries should not be taking this massive out of the way detour to get to Dover port.

    • One nearly wiped me out on Friday on this very roundabout. I’m a HGV driver myself and normally give the foreign lorries a bit of room, especially on roundabouts, but I never envisaged what this particular idiot was going to do.

  3. Seeing as the HGV is by appearance of Foreign registration it possibly has been at Manston prior to this incident as it would appear there are still vehicles parked there possibly due to having Covid tests done prior to being allowed to ship back from Dover to mainland Europe. Driver would also possibly be unfamiliar with UK roads and the road they were travelling on or distracted hence the reason for the incident. Or could have been following an outdated Sat Nav. I guess the only person who will truely know what happened is the driver.

    • And the fact the law does not require them to have headlights adjusted for UK roads so edges of the roads are not illuminated.

    • Agreed , these foreign drivers are pretty bad . No idea why we have had them dumped on Thanet when Dover is miles away.

  4. Every day these foreign lorries drive dangerously , I have the drive from Ramsgate to Ashford 5 days to work , each day they go round roundabouts in the left lane and whilst I’m in the right lane they cut across almost crushing me . Then several on the M20 in the middle lane decide to wander into the outside lane when you’re overtaking . It’s a constant fear and dread now we’ve got hundreds of them in convoys from manston . Sick to the teeth of it all . Why send them there to go to Dover? The roads from Ramsgate to Dover are narrow in places , a few weeks ago two lorries collided near sandwich wildlife park , again over the white lines . They drive too fast and I’m sure some are dozing off or looking at phones . When will it be stopped ? How many will be killed to get action ? Disgraceful .

    • Having driven HGV’s (LGV’s as they are now called) the reason a truck (especially an Articulated one sits in the left lane then goes right on a roundabout is that it is near impossible to turn something that is 54 feet long (longer if pulling a 15.6 M trailer or a draw bar) in the space in the right lane hence being in the left lane so it would be wise to sit back from the truck if it is in the left lane approaching a roundabout. Also a rule to adopt when on a motorway or dual carriageway is to either sit back from the truck or get past it as anywhere alongside it you are in it’s blindspot. As for the wandering between lanes this might be as you say be due to distractions such as looking at a mobile phone, Laptop or fatigue or even Alcohol. There is also an issue with parking in Kent where trucks are frequently getting clamped for parking in Laybys etc meaning less parking in the county as often service areas are overpriced in terms of parking and not secure.

      • If that’s the case they should go across in the right hand lane no excuses for poor driving , I’ve watched them they don’t even slow down when approaching many roundabouts . We don’t want them at manston simple ! I don’t see why at 65 I should have to risk my life travelling 45 miles to work with hundreds of these monster trucks . I should have got my pension at 60 instead of having 6 years whacked on . These lorry drivers just don’t care they’re bigger and just drive as they please . Fed up with them .

        • These so called Monster Trucks (Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight(GVW) in the UK for general haulage on 6 axles is 44 tonnes (Europe 40 Tonnes) is the most cost effective way of transporting goods from place to place as how many smaller vehicles would it take to transport the loads they carry? Plus can’t see why you are so anti truck considering almost everything you consume or use at some point has been transported on a truck. Drivers of said vehicles are in an industry that is highly regulated and like some will inevitably have a few bad Apples in it. Consider when commenting on Manston those drivers who missed Christmas with their loved ones just to supply the goods that mean’t you could enjoy yours. And Lorry drivers have feelings too and do care. On that note i am off to eat something supplied to my local Supermarket by a truck (well trucks actually as it would have had to be transported to the Supermarket RDC (Regional Distribution Centre) prior to being consolidated and loaded onto the Supermarket truck for delivery to store.

  5. Put the all the goods back on the railway system like it used to be. Less traffic less pollution. No brainer really. Lack of investment starting to stink yet again.

    • Absolutely agree get these truckers off our roads , dangerous to humans . Fed up with the lot of them now . Well said 👏

    • What a stupid response when have you ever seen a train pull up at Tesco Sainsburys or Asda to deliver this is just anti truck madness people who do not understand the economics of transportation of goods and just open their mouths and rattle a load of nonsense

  6. Rosie

    Sounds to me that you are a poor driver. As a HGV driver I have to go round in the left lane as explain by another poster. You should know this by reading the highway code.

    The real danger is all the car drivers that turn right from the left hand, these drivers are a danger to everyone.

    Without hgv you have nothing in the shops

    • So I’m a poor driver , driven since I was 17 almost 50 years with hardly a blemish to my record . Seriously mr lorry driver stop calling me out when a lorry veers and swerved into the right hand lane on a 3 lane motorway it’s hardly because I’m a bad driver is it ! Silly man . Had enough of you now , go play with your toys .

  7. This from the highway code for turning right at roundabouts

    “Long vehicles (including those towing trailers). These might have to take a different course or straddle lanes either approaching or on the roundabout because of their length. Watch out for their signals.”

    So the lorry will use the left lane. I was taught to drive in 1981 and even than I was told not to come up along side a lorry on a roundabout !

    I driven all around the uk and without doubt thanet has the worst drivers in the uk. Most dont know how to use a roundabout, or indicators and are very rude and aggressive. Most HGV drivers would knock spots of the average car driver. HGV are professional drivers, not like you car driver and his caravan that he cant revise !

    But that seems to be the way of thanet people, just look on here the pro manston get rude, and even on here I was told to ‘ go and play with my toy’ ! A HGV isnt a toy.

    • They weren’t turning right they were going straight on at the roundabout when they cut over to the right from the left .
      Later I was on the outside lane on m2 he decided to wander into that lane , three times in one week this has happened . I’m scared to go to work !

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