Margate Coastguard assess cliff falls along Epple Bay to Minnis Bay and West Bay

Coastguard teams have assessed more Thanet cliff falls Photo HM Coastguard Margate

HM Coastguard Margate have been sent to check another isle cliff fall.

The team were tasked by UK Coastguard to reports of the cliff fall at Epple Bay yesterday (February 15).

Once on scene officers deployed and walked the prom to identify the fall.

Margate Coastguard said: “It was quickly apparent that most of the cliffs along from Epple Bay to Minnis Bay were in fact very fragile and small amounts of rock were falling off.

“Another Coastguard team member reported similar rock falls in the West Bay area of Westgate. The local council were made immediately aware of the fall.

HM Coastguard Margate

“This time of year the chalk cliffs around the whole coastline of the UK are susceptible to cliff falls. Following times of freezing temperatures water gets in the cracks of cliffs and as it freezes it expands causing cracks to become wider, the ice then defrosts and its left with big gaps, add to that wind and rain and cliffs become very unstable.

“Our advice is to still enjoy your walks if you are going out but stay away from cliff bases as falls can happen without warning.”

Last month the coastguard team were called to assess a “substantial” cliff fall at Kingsgate.

In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Thanet council has urged residents to take care.

In a social media post from the authority it says: “As we had been expecting, there have been significant changes in temperature after the heavy snow last week and it’s continuing to warm up this week.

“This has led to some sections of our cliffs experiencing instability, with some locations becoming particularly vulnerable to cliff falls. It’s all due to natural occurrences like heavy rainfall, frosty nights and storms which can weaken them.
Once again, please take extra care when walking on clifftop paths or on the beach below:
Please use common sense and caution
Stay away from the edge and base of cliffs at all times
Pay attention to any warning signs and safety messages
While walking along the beach, it’s always advisable to check the tide times and know the risks
Do not park close to or next to cliffs especially if there is chalk on the ground, as this indicates chalk has most likely fallen very recently
Please take care and remember that a cliff face should never be seen as a shortcut.If you witness the start of a cliff slip, please vacate the area immediately and report it to the Coastguard.”


  1. Just walked around Epple Bay myself, and I’ve never seen so many, albeit relatively minor, rockfalls along one stretch. Glad I’m not living in any of the houses on top!

  2. Hi Peter. 2 weeks ago I walked along that path between minnis & beech walk ( leading to birchington village ) I saw the dangers up high on the cliff side. It was raining hard. And thought I should ring council with my worries of rock slip. A saw a horrific Y shape of cracks joining at the lower part. I’m glad nobody was hurt, whilst way underestimating my judgement & the need for my call to council. Take care along there. If they csnt secure walkway, it needs blocking off.
    Regards. Steve.

  3. Are the pictures of the real thing? A few stones and a bit of chalk? Needs assessing ? Life has a few risks, grow up or never go out.

    • Some has been cleared, but I think the whole point is that it could be the start of bigger falls and has been accessed accordingly. People on here would be the first to complain if there was a big collapse and it had NOT been assessed.

      • Walked along there today, and there are fallen flints the size of bricks! So they did right to warn people.

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