Ramsgate Future investment plan to be created

Ramsgate Photo Historic England

An investment plan is to be created for Ramsgate .

Thanet council is due to launch its Ramsgate Future scheme which aims to generate and take forward ideas for the town’s development over the next few years.

‘Ramsgate Future’ will build upon existing and upcoming schemes, including the recent allocation of  £2.7m from the government’s Future High Street fund. This scheme is to enable the delivery of regeneration plans and new local projects such as improvements to transport infrastructure, new homes and the transformation of underused spaces.  It is understood much of this grant will be used on highways projects. The grant is still provisional and is only a percentage of the amount Thanet council bid for.

The fund runs alongside the five-year, £450,000 Heritage Action Zone(s) scheme which launched in 2017. It was announced that the scheme was to attract new investment into Ramsgate and create apprenticeships, boost tourism and involve schools and the community in exhibitions and heritage-related skills training.

There are also plans for the Port as part of a feasibility study which examined possible future uses for the site including reviving the hotel and conference centre plan for the Smack Boys Home building and creating industrial zones, waterfront homes, retail and themed leisure facilities.

Ramsgate harbour and clock house Image HE Comms

Thanet council says the aim is to bring all the schemes together to help transform the town. It is hoped this could also help leverage future funding opportunities.

The scheme, which will include engagement with residents from all seven Ramsgate wards, will be similar to the Margate Town Deal which has just put forward a 10-year plan and bid for more than £25million to central government.

However, more funding would have to be sought for a similar Ramsgate plan.

Thanet council leader Cllr Rick Everitt, said: “Ramsgate belongs to all its residents and we want to put them at the heart of planning for the town’s future. The reopening of the Victoria Pavilion in recent years and now the Royal Sands development on the Pleasurama site have been a great start, but we know there is a huge appetite in the community to make Ramsgate an even better place, to live, work and spend leisure time.

“There are already improvements planned via the Future High Streets fund and the Heritage Action Zone initiative, but we want to find ways to do more.

Ramsgate Port

“Last year’s port and harbour feasibility study has provided valuable feedback, but rather than look at that area in isolation we want to identify the opportunities across the town, including making better use of a number of assets that the council already owns.

“That will only succeed however if we can work in partnership with the community, capitalising on Ramsgate’s maritime history and working up ideas that the public supports.

“It won’t be one grand scheme, but a series of initiatives that can be brought forward as and when we can identify external funding. However, we are confident that there will be some improvements that we can make quickly and which will help build public confidence.

Ramsgate town Photo Brian Whitehead

“We would love to be able to create a major visitor experience that would bring people into town all year round and help support the whole Ramsgate and Thanet economy. That may be ambitious, but it is right that we should be aiming high for Ramsgate.”

The council is working on a brief and will be engaging specialist services to carry out community engagement to help create the investment plan for the town.

Ramsgate allocated £2.7m from government Future High Streets Fund

Ramsgate ‘model high street’ to be created as part of Twin Towns project with Historic England

Study on future of Ramsgate port and harbour includes hotel, housing, industrial and reduced ‘ro-ro’ proposals

Ramsgate announced as Heritage Action Zone in £450,000 scheme


  1. Street cleaning would be a huge start in most of Ramsgate.
    Also start charging more dog owners for allowing dogs to s—- everywhere as it is impossible to walk out for several minutes without seeing some horrible mess.
    So let’s start from the bottom instead of a load of ideas that 100% will be a waste of money as the council haven’t a clue.

    • You could also start by charging people for using the beaches as they leave a lot more mess than dogs do, broken bottles, plastic waste, dirty nappies and faeces just to name a few!!

  2. I’m pleased that positive thinking is happening for Ramsgate and future investment, it is after all the biggest economy in Thanet and the town with the most visitors year on year. Tourism is increasing every year and Ramsgate is the absolute jewel in our coastline. Great town. Great people.

    However, it’ll all be pointless if a ruddy great cargo hub comes into land over the harbour every 15 minutes won’t it. At 500 FEET.

    Who would come here then and dine al fresco with a screaming jet overhead and breathing in the sea air of aviation fuel fumes from cargo planes so low you can wave at the pilot and sometimes lift roof tiles.

  3. My friends in Wales tell me that their council have set up a shop where people can take workable goods to be sold instead of going to the tip , the money raised is then donated to organisations such as
    Youth organisations , homeless, house repairs Dec

  4. Alice you clearly live in wonderland I live in Ramsgate. Airports create many different types of jobs both at the airport and the surrounding areas by those firms that supply services to the airport and hotels that spring up in the area to accommodate those who will use the airport. Airport staff and users create a lot of wealth in the local community.
    Narrow mindedness I’m alright Jack I don’t need a job attitude by dull sad moaning people do absolutely nothing for the local community or economy other than keep an area run down. One can clearly see the results from your attitude By looking around Ramsgate and see it has been run down for many years and continues to be so.Get real Alice come out of your wonderland and join the real world.

    • Bill 100% agree Ramsgate HAS BEEN BADLY NEGLECTED in favour of Margate but has a chance to reestablish its self get the new hotel built on the seafront. But it also needs a rejuvenated AIRPORT, A FULLY WORKING PORT and decent leisure complex swimming pool ice skating rink also to include a relocated Ramsgate Football CLUB
      get these in place investment will follow? But you will always get we don’t want this it would spoil my coffee or my roof tiles will fall off

  5. Bill, when it last went bust it employed 140. Wetherspoons created 3 times that many jobs.

    Plans are for a cargo hub..cargo doesn’t need a hotel when it gets here.

    The inspectors, you know the actual experts as opposed to egotistical MPs, confirmed a cargo hub would kill more jobs than it creates.

    Unemployment has fallen since the airport last went bust.

    I sniff nostalgia here Bill for something which never succeeded.

    • Steve, it never had the investment that was needed to make it successful was always use as a loss-maker for tax reasons

      • Where do you think these new magical investors are Slim Jim? Are these the ones kept secret so far, and apparently, to be replaced by ‘new’ investors? Also a secret.

        Funding seems very fishy to me. Even the UKIP TDC administration thought it was nonsensical and the DCO inspectors failed to be impressed either with the abject lack of assurance or evidence of money.

        Where do you suppose this magical investment will come from in a cargo hub at the end of the UK, in the wrong place with no proven or viable business plan? Oh, and a past record of failure, and no actual aviation customers committed to being based there.

        Meanwhile, Ramsgate fails to have a clear and cohesive strategy or any sense of certainty.

  6. Living in ramsgate all my life I love it here we are holding all the cards at present and can not lay them down due to a certain majority who moan about unemployment in Thanet kids on the street and the high street in decline so open your eyes you lot we have a great harbour and train station to London and is still being improved and an airport which should open and I support Riveroak to open it let us lay are cards and make Thanet great plenty of jobs and revenue for all shops hotel’s restaurants stop living in the past and look to the future Thanet has a lot to give and we can all benefit.

  7. I personally think ramsgate is the best town in thanet, the harbour is great and the place feels like its heading in the right direction with a seaside feel to the place.
    Yes the main high street area could look better if they were more shops open.
    It’s a seaside town but our MP’s want to ruin ramsgate by trying to get a dirty cargo hub with planes flying and 500 ft and lower over Ramsgate.

    People say planes flying overhead every 15 minutes is fine. Well as the pros would say more to Gatwick if you want planes every 15 minutes over you head ! Lol.

    People who have lived all their lives wont have a clue what it is like have planes every 15 minutes. These people seem to think that when one or two planes came into manston aday that was ok. One or two planes aday compared to one every 15 minutes isnt the same ! It will not bring jobs to thanet it will take jobs away from thanet.

    It’s going to be hard for ramsgate to plan ahead until manston is put to bed. Than ramsgate can move on. Anyone with any common sence knows manston will never been an airport again.

    From what I have read on here the pros never answer any points raised by the anti’s. The pros just put their blind faith in an ex solicitor.
    Manston geographically in the wrong place.
    Manston not on the aviation pipeline.
    Manston does have any transport infrastructure.

    Just a few points that the pros never answer explain who it’s going to be cheaper to landed at manston?. Gatwick, Midlands will be able to uncut manston on aviation fuel costs, the fact that both are within minutes of our countrys major infrastructure. People seem to think that Amazon etc are going up root their main haulage dept from the Midlands ( which is huge ) and move to thanet ! Dream on ! Why move from the centre of the country to incur higher landing fees and higher haulage charges .

    Manston is holding everything back in thanet. If it opens than investment in ramsgate will stop. If manston is closed for good than investment will improve in ramsgate.

    If I may to allowed to dream like the pros 😉 turn manston into a large fun park, with cycling tracks, nature reserve, affordable housing, water park, aviation museum etc that will bring fair more work to ramsgate and thanet.

  8. The town centre is dead. Apart from a few specialist shops, it’s an embarrassment.

    Present a masterplan to turn the whole town centre into housing with community shops like butchers, Bakers, greengrocers etc. Pedestrianise the whole area. It’s the only alternative option to watching it decompose before our eyes now.

    No amount of masterplan or future visions can ever bring the town centre back to anything like what it was in the old days. Sorry to the nostalgia hunters but there are some tough decisions to make here.

  9. Have any of the airport supporters read the Planning Inspectorate report? If so, how can they still believe Manston is viable?

  10. Report reader

    I dont think they have read anything! Never answer any points raised by the anti’s.

    I think the pros just ignore the lack of road and rail infrastructure, the lack of cheap aviation fuel, the fact that geographically manston is in a poor location, the fact manston has never been profitable. The pros just ignore these points.
    Now if the pros want to put me right and explain how these point are going to be addressed by river oak, I will read them.
    The points I raise are valid but seem to fall on the pros death ears.
    So come on pros please answer those few point

  11. Steve you are another doom and gloom merchant. I don’t care if Manston airport reopens as just cargo or just passengers or combination of the two like most all other airports. All businesses run at a loss at some time the UK government is running at a loss in case you have not noticed. Manston Airport was there long before very expensive good for nothing so called inspectors were paid to find fault in the Airport. We have lived in the Ashburnham Road area under Manston flight path for 53 years we have never had roof tiles fall off our roof. Our MPs are our MPs because the electorate voted them to be there by a large majority. They represent us in parliament and beyond not the up themselves inspectors or the or the courts or the judges. I hope those who gave money to the Dawes begging bowl have been given their money back including Ramsgate Town Council who used our money for their own ends.

    • Let’s get this right Bill:
      1.A tile has never fallen on your head! Are you sure?
      2.The MP’s who don’t live in Ramsgate or Thanet, are right come what may? Are you really sure a tile has not fallen on your head?
      3.You don’t like planning inspectors, judges,Ramsgate Town Council or women who might have an opinion different to yours.Have you checked your roof lately and your head, to see if a tile is not embedded in it?

      Ramsgate Town Councillors were elected with majorities; are you now saying you don’t like some forms of democracy, because they run contrary to your ideas?
      It does seem to me that 53 years at Ashburnham Road has not made you any the wiser.
      I can understand that you are disappointed with the outcome and its not what you wanted, but in life there are always disappointments, you just have to be a good loser, it is the British way.Only in parts of America do some not face facts when things do not go their way; perhaps they too have tiles embedded in their heads?

  12. Bill, do you expect the mystery secret overseas investors to invest their cash and run at a loss? I am not sure I have met many investors who are keen on such a business model?

    You know this isn’t a publicly subsidised cargo hub? The lack of viable business plan, the lack of transparency over the secret investors are just two of the many reasons the planning inspectors recommended no.

    I am unclear why people want to encourage a loss making cargo hub that will bring flights every 15 minutes, not 3 flights a week like the old days. I suspect most support is in fact anti housing sentiment.

  13. George jokes. Boris Johnson does not live in Thanet but he is still the prime minister, So it’s irrelevant where an MP lives, if the MP that represents an Constituency gets more votes than other candidates then he is the MP surly you understand that bit. Next both MPs are for the airport reopening and made that clear before they were elected. Next. What I object to about the so called inspectors is Manston Airport was closed, then at a later date it was proposed to reopen as an airport the same as it had been for the past 60 years before it closed. NOT a new development simply reopening still listed on the local plan as AIRPORT. Had it been a new development I could understand the inspectors poking their noses in. NEXT. In the run up to the SOS granting DCO not a whisper from Ramsgate Town Council Not a peep from Dawes. Then Dawes starts the begging bowl and RTC hold a meeting without due warning on zoom and we find out that £10,000 of taxpayers money has been pledged to the begging bowl to try to stop employment in an higher than the national area of unemployment . The Airport will be reopening.

    • “The Airport will be reopening”. I would love to know where the people who say this buy their crystal balls…

  14. Bill Bill Bill

    You really dont get or just ignore the facts.
    It’s very condescending to call the inspectors ” so called inspectors ” they are independent inspectors.

    You said “the same as it had been for the past 60 years before it closed ”

    Bill the RAF arent going to reopen manston. Manston has never been a 100% stand alone cargo hub. The only time manston has be a stand alone airport it has gone bust. Fact. The only time manston has been an airport is when our taxes paid for it.

    Now Bill as you seem to know alot about why manston will reopen could you please answer some of the points I have asked the pros to answer. Lack of aviation fuel line lack of transport infrastructure etc why you know manston is in a geographically good position.

    I look forward to your answers Bill or any pro.

  15. Marva, it’s crystal ball not balls whatever you thinking of.
    Mr Clean you have something in common with me having stutter, Bill, Bill,Bill.
    After lockdown all the businesses that have had to close due to the coronavirus will hopefully reopen when the lockdown is over. They will not have to have “ inspectors “ sent in to check if the hair dressers can reopen even though
    It smells when you walk past the door. Or the India restaurant will need to be inspected because it will smell of curry so
    Why did an airport that was always an airport need inspectors to give their opinion if it can reopen as an airport??.

    • Bill

      What are you on about ??

      I dont get your point about a hairdressers reopening as a hairdressers after lockdown. What on earth has that got to done with manston.

      Manston ‘is’ going to be a change of use to be a cargo hub something its never been ?

      They no point me carrying on because it’s clear you wont answer the points I have made about infrastructure, geographically, etc.

      If you could answer as to why aviation fuel brought in by tanker is cheaper, why it is cheaper to be in the bottom right corner of England I stead of being close to the country’s infrastructure. So come Bill tell me why manston has so much more to offer than Gatwick, Heathrow, Midlands etc tell me please 🙂

      I shall not be carrying on this unless you can answer these point. Bill you sound like a politician yes even our two politicians never answer a question

    • Bill you haven’t answered Me Clean’s questions. All you are doing is deflecting by being nasty. Grow up and admit you have no answers to his valid points (you know the valid points of the planning inspectorate).

  16. 1 There was not always an airport at Manston.

    2 The alleged plan put forward by RSP is very different from the small airport which was previously there.

    I did mean “balls” as several airport supporters have spoken or written in terms which strongly suggest that they have knowledge of future events.

  17. Marva what you know about the history of Manston Airport I expect I could put on the back of a postage stamp and still have enough room to write the history of the world.

    • It’s very easy to find out what the history of Manston is. So don’t bother being rude to me or anybody about it.

  18. Bill

    So I guess you arent going to answer my points lololol

    Perhaps I could answer my points for you 😉 manston is in a good geographically place lol buying aviation from a tanker is cheaper than from the pipeline lolol abit like not going to a petrol station to fill up but getting someone to bring it to you lol. Would that be cheaper ?? No lol
    The 2 lane thanet way and the M2 and lack of railway are great for the infrastructure for manston lol

    Just like any pro supporters you dont answer any points just abit rude really

    Bye Bill I am not wasting my evening 🙂

  19. My Clean. Okay let me clear your misconceptions putting it mildly. 1. Yes Manston Airport is in a good geography place. It has a good road network it has a new rail station soon to be built near by Park way station. Fuel in a tanker is normal practice in other airports all over the world.

  20. Parkway station is entirely useless for Manston and cargo.

    Just ask the airport supporters.

    Parkway was a convenient opportunity for spade ready projects to ditch a few spare million for infrastructure. An unstaffed station the wrong side of the airport is of no use whatsoever to a cargo hub.

    However is it convenient and attractive for housing development nearby? Well there’s another story…..

  21. for goodness sake get over Manston and the varying amounts and height of aircraft no two of you give the same answer you are enough to bore the poop out of people if and when an aircraft take your chimneys off then you will know that they are too low

  22. Ramsgate Ramsgate Ramsgate boo hoo we haven’t got what Margate has nor have other places in Thanet but they do not go on and on about it give your moaning a rest please is moaning a requirement if you want to live in Ramsgate? it could certainly win medals for it.

  23. Under planning law if a business shuts down then at a later date new owners take the business over and open it as trading the same as before there is no requirement for planning permission to be sought or given. Manston Airport was used as Cargo hub before it closed. Cargolux was a daily visitor. Therefore it was Maladministration by TDC to instruct
    biased inspectors to carry out an unnecessary investigation into a business that had historical presidents in operating
    as an airport and Cargo hub. We will see in due course the outcome of this.

  24. Great conspiracy theory Bill.

    Only two things kept Manston repeatedly failing.

    1. Not enough need.
    2. Not enough custom

    Yet somehow, Tony F thinks he can make it bigger than East Midlands, the largest cargo airport in the UK and in the process, absolutely ruin Ramsgate. According to the outcome letter from Andrew Stephenson, an MP who has never even been to Ramsgate, the negative impact on our town is a price worth paying.

    Shocking stuff to dismiss a town of 40,000 like this and we won’t let Ramsgate be thrown to the dogs.

  25. Please do not spend this on roads and better access. Access to what? Put in some really appealing attractive fun activity based experiences which are not too exclusive because of their price.

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