Newington pupils get arty to celebrate the coming of Spring

Getting ready for Spring

The hope and promise of spring is just around the corner – and children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate are ready to welcome the coming season.

Despite the challenging pandemic and a very long dark and wet winter, the sunshine days are on the horizon for Year 4 pupils.

Girls and boys are already getting creative in art and design to help their own images of spring blossom into shape.

Their springtime images include beautiful multi-coloured butterflies, bright blossoming flowers including daffodils, the March hare and the Easter bunny.

The artwork will form part of the school’s traditional springtime setting in the reception area off the main entrance for all children and visitors to enjoy.

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “We always celebrate the coming of spring as a time of renewal and positivity.

“Over the coming months our pupils will be exploring a range of themes including how the seasons change, the types of climate differences, the changes to our eco-systems and the reawakening of flowers, plants and the animal kingdom after a long winter.

“They will also explore Easter as a festival that is special around the world in many different ways, looking at the culture and heritage behind the celebrations.

“It is important to embrace the energy that the oncoming springtime gives us and our natural world. It is only a matter of weeks away and our school community is ready to greet the longer, brighter days as the beautiful artwork from Year 4 clearly illustrates.”