Fundraiser launched to save Cliffsend Village Hall

Cliffsend Village Hall has been shut while damage is assessed. Picture credit: Google

A fundraiser has been set up to secure the future of Cliffsend Village Hall which has fallen into disrepair due to extensive water damage.

A new board of trustees, which has just taken over the running of the community facility, said they have been left with no choice but to shut the hall while the damage is assessed.

Repairs are expected to cost thousands of pounds and a fundraising drive is now underway, including a Go Fund Me page with a target of £15,000.

Organiser Josh Stephens said the hall is normally used to host events and activities including dance classes, arts and crafts, keep fit sessions and coffee mornings.

On his fundraising page, he said: “The year 2020 has so far seen us lose revenue to Covid-19 after being ordered to lockdown, then just as we were going to re-open several parts of our roof have sprung leaks.

“As a result, the water is going straight into the hall which has caused the floor to all break up and in one part the ceiling has fallen in.

“The new trustees and others have come together to try and get the hall back together again but we can’t do it without your help.

“With no income from our hirers and no money in the bank to pay for all this work, do you want to help make a difference?”

In a statement on the Cliffsend Village Hall website, the trustees said the hall will be shut for the foreseeable future and the next step is to hire a structural engineer to survey the building and recommend what needs to be done.

“This will take us well into the reserve account which is for emergency use,” they said.

“Anyone who believes that they may be able to help in any way in this current struggle please contact us.”

To donate click here or to contact the board of trustees go to


  1. You would think TDC could at least offer to let one of their Structural Engineers do a free survey, for the people of Cliffsend. So the Committee know how much money is really needed.

  2. How did the water do the damage? could each resident in Cliffsend give £10 towards the fund. There are lots of good groups who could hire the hall when it’s safe to do so. I know of one hall that has over £70,000 in reserves so it can be done.

  3. The village hall received a £10,000 covid grant from the council back in April, the hall wouldn’t make this money in a normal year so we’re has this money gone to?

  4. You wouldn’t think this should even be a news story, fund raising, why. After TDCs leaders over the last decade have wasted so much money on surveys and reports on a multiple time failed local airfield, it should be a given that they stump up the dough to save it. Or is it a TORY position to erode communities, God knows they have done there best to do so in the last 10 years.

    • The biggest ever blow to local village stores was in 2008 when hundreds of small post offices were allowed to be closed down, and this was under Gordon Brown’s Labour government. I could name several villages in Kent alone that lost their final shop due to this.

      • I should add that this is something I feel very strongly about. There have been many (failed) schemes to revive High Streets, but I think instead priority should be given to ensure that all communities can pop out for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk without jumping into a car.

        • If people *hadn’t* jumped in their cars so often, but had popped out for a pint of milk, loaf of bread, some bacon and butter, a bag of iced buns, batteries for the torch and so on then many many villages would still have shops. And possibly post offices, too.

  5. Cliffsend is heaving with expensive houses with several expensive cars parked on each drive.
    A quick rake down the back of the sofa should soon raise the necessary cash.

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