Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils staying creative during lockdown

Art work by pupil Miley Smith

Creativity is alive and keeping Ramsgate Arts Primary School pupils on their toes during lockdown.

The school’s arts-driven curriculum that encourages creative thinking and performance is continuing undaunted by the current pandemic lockdown.

The arts team are ensuring a daily supply of interactive videos, online lessons and fun activities.

Teacher Hannah Dannell is co-ordinating the arts output for home learners and children in school. She said: “During lockdown we want the children to still be able to access our arts curriculum at home.

Art by pupil Hunter

“In uncertain times, we feel it’s so important that girls and boys still have the opportunity to express themselves, keep fit and have fun.

“Every week, pupils receive art, music, dance and PE lessons and it’s been fantastic to see the photos and videos we are being sent from those taking part at home.

“These range from dance routines in the living room, making music with glasses of water, continuous line drawings and mosaics.

Mosiac by Phoebe

“Different lessons are provided for different key stages to ensure it is accessible to everyone. The arts is such a huge part of life at RAPS and a lockdown can’t stop us from being creative.”

A sample of a few of one day’s online lessons sees Key Stage 1 children being led through a dance routine to I Can’t Wait To Be King from Lion King, while Key Stage 2 dancers are getting into the groove with the classic hit I’m A Believer.

Sam and Grace dancing

Rhythmic patterns using two plastic cups as percussion instruments are being explored by children who are exploring different tempos in music, while in PE fitness levels are maintained by tackling timed exercises including switch squats, bear crawls, the scissors, running on the spot plus warm up and cool down routines.

Alby and Vincent

Head of School Nick Budge said: “We are determined to keep our arts learning at the forefront during lockdown. The staff are creating easy-to-follow inter-active videos covering all aspects of the arts. Response to the programmes is enthusiastic and our home learners and those in school are working on similar lessons to ensure continuity and unity.

“We are passionate about providing an inspirational education for our children based upon our belief that creativity and the arts enhance and enrich learning experiences, improve pupil wellbeing and support pupils in developing their skills and talents.

Sofia makes music

“Our specialist teaching team guide children in learning the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic, as well as creative thinking skills. The result is children who, not only have a secure educational foundation, but also have the ability to think outside the box, express themselves creatively and become resilient learners, enabling them to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

“This has been our driving force since RAPS was launched – I am proud to say that our staff and our pupils are continuing to enjoy the best opportunities possible throughout these challenging times.”

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  1. My great granddaughter Miley Smith loves this school, and of course I’m very proud of her achievements. Well done, to your staff.

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