Cliftonville Farmers’ Market to go ahead today

Cliftonville Farmers Market is taking place Photo John Horton

Cliftonville Farmers’ Market will go ahead this morning (December 20) .

Under the Tier 4 restrictions that came into force today, market stalls selling essential goods, such as food, are allowed to trade.

The Cliftonville market at the Oval Lawns in Eastern Esplanade from 10am to 1pm will be marshalled and have social distancing measures in place.

Organiser June Chadband said: “We have crowd barriers we hire each month, sanitisers and we all wear masks. The marshallers are there to ask shoppers to keep social distance, especially if we have queues.

“Please do not touch the produce that you are buying until bought. Outdoor food, drink and plants markets are allowed to trade. All the markets in Kent follow all the Government guidelines.”

Stallholders will be selling, seasonal veg, Brussels sprouts sticks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, beetroot, wild game, lamb, beef, pork, turkey, sausages, bacon, preserves, pickles, jams, pears, apples, crumbles, fruit juice, cakes, vegetarian slices, artisan bread, sourdough bread using Heritage flour, croissants, pastries, doughnuts, Kentish saffron, Russian food, doggie treats, Kentish cheeses, wild honey, vegan ready meals, vegan cakes, vegan cheese, vegan salami, vegan bacon, vegan preserves, coffee, Christmas cakes, fudge, coconut ice, truffles, free range eggs, duck eggs, micro greens, oils, olives, Fermented food, Kentish crisps, locally brewed beer, eco friendly goods and plants.

A local fisherman will be joining the stalls, H’s pies, will be back, Frank Bread will be at the market for the first time as will Eat & Mess and Victoria’s Cakes.

Non essential retail is now closed due to tier restrictions but takeaway/delivery and click and collect is still allowed to take place.

Tier 4 explained – what is closed, who you can meet, Christmas and where you can travel


  1. Shame onto Cliftonville Resident association and Mrs Chadband ! What are they thinking! This is the most selfish act by a group of residents!
    This is Tier 4 !
    10 different types of Jam and overly priced pigeon breast are
    If you want COVID for Christmas visit the farmers market.

    • Where did you see pigeon breast today???? I own and run the meat stall and we never any today 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • How rude of you to call shame on the residents association and Mrs. Chadband. Outdoor food markets are legally allowed to trade. I am sure all the traders were grateful because it is their livelihood and they cant run like a big supermarket chain.
      Nobody was forced to shop there but I did and all social distancing masks,hand sanitisers were in place.
      It was very professionally run unlike some supermarkets.
      I have to say shame on you, for the unkind things you have said about a residents group that gives so much to the area. I am quite sure they will be able to cope with your non attendance.
      Enjoy your supermarket shop.

  2. Is it *essential* that this potential covid spreading centre is opening to sell “seasonal veg, Brussels sprouts sticks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, beetroot, …” all of which can be bought at your local green grocer or supermarket, or such essential items as “Kentish saffron, Russian food, doggie treats,…”?
    The whole point of T4 is to encourage people to stay at home unless they absolutely need to go out.
    Opening this “Farmers Market” is breaking the spirit if the regulations, even if it is strictly legal.

    • Probably safer than getting a takeaway. At least with vegetables, fruit etc you can wash it before you eat it. You have zero idea whether the person making/packing/delivering your pizza, Chinese, Italian etc has Covid, if they wash their hands after going to the toilet, if they cough or sneeze into their hands, or how clean their premises is & you cannot stick it under the tap.

      Having seen the shows that go behind the scenes of these places crawling in cockroaches, human waste, different meats sitting next to each other, abysmal handwashing facilities, toilets backing out onto kitchens, staff sleeping on the premises etc it amazes me anybody would want to put their health in these peoples hands.

  3. Im staggered that this is going ahead given the change in the situation? I for one would not want to go anywhere where there is a mass gathering inside or outside. But its not about me, its about the person who is asymptomatic spreading this terrible virus and gatherings like this are perfect for this mutated version which spreads more easily 😞

  4. Westwood Cross should also close based on above comments. Mass gathering there a lot worse than at a farmers’ market.

    • The key word, I think, is “essential”. Nothing the Farmers Market is offering is essential and can’t already be obtained at regular shops.
      It’s unnecessary and an additional hazard.

  5. This is why we are in tier 4 because people can’t do the simplest of things. like stay at home. As soon as people start doing as they are asked the sooner you’ll be able to be with your families. what you could do is set up a zoom meeting at dinner time and all sit down to eat that way. there nothing to do but stay at home and wait it out don’t @ me.

    • A bit difficult to attend a market via zoom…

      I wish more shops were outside in the fresh air, far, far safer than large indoor supermarkets (which I’ve avoided since March). The reason why the virus didn’t spread much in the summer is because most large gatherings were outdoors – even packed beaches and BLM marches failed to spread the disease.

  6. Well I think the farmers market is a fantastic place to go and if you look into tier 4 it states farmers markets can go ahead.they have a lot of fresh produce probably a lot more fresher than a supermarket.instead of moaning about it,keep your options to yourself and stay at home or go to one of the supermarkets where your more likely to catch covid from as everybody touches everything .I went there today and everybody was wearing masks and using the hand sanitizer.well done cliftonville farmers market and june

  7. Lighten up folks its a farmers market or are you saying that artisan producers cant sell their local produce and the like ….major supermarkets should sweep them into oblivion. There was lots there that i cant buy in a regular shop …. we had to queue just like we do outside aldi etc ……. i didnt see anyone without a mask. Personally i hope its open again so i can get some fresh air and my fav local cheese. Italian breads. Handmade pesto and tapenade etc..

  8. Open air shopping is far safer than going to the supermarket. And as far as essential items the food on sale is far fresher and better for you. I think June and her team do a great job of organising these events especially in these testing times. Everyone I saw were keeping their distance, wearing masks and sanitising their hands. To be honest I think there was no safer place to be in these trying times. Well done everyone

  9. Yes, let’s all live in a world where everyone goes to corporate warehouses to buy their food, rather than buying direct from the producers who actually grow or make the products themselves. This market is legal and selling essential goods. Masks were work, distances were kept. Well done to June and team for another successful market that supports local traders and keeps them going financially strong.

  10. Loads of great goodies available at the market today, fresh and local veg, meat, cranberry sauce, I managed to buy my entire Christmas dinner here without having to step foot in an enclosed supermarket! This was brilliant for me as all supermarket delivery slots in my area are now full, so thank you Cliftonville FM have a relaxing Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year

  11. This is a long established market selling food. Numbers were controlled, hand sanitiser use and face mask wearing mandatory, one way system in place and social distancing requirements observed. I felt safer at this outdoor market than I do in a supermarket.

  12. Brilliant place. Perfectly safe. Glad to support local businesses and a range of healthy immune boosting food and a set of very pleasant local traders. Anyone, being able to find anything negative about this must live very sad lives. Happy Christmas to all those involved in the market and a better new year.

    • I agree with all that you have said.
      Excellent choice of stallholders who produce their own food, everybody was wearing masks with the exception of children and dogs!
      Happy Christmas to the organisers of Cliftonville Farmers Market

  13. Well done to June Chadband and her Crew for another Fantastic Farmers Market i will continue to shop here safer outside then in a supermarket and all stall holders had masks on so stop all the negative comments

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