Man arrested in connection with catalytic converter thefts

Image Kent Police

Officers in Thanet have seized eight catalytic converters they suspect were stolen from vehicles in east Kent.

Police investigating a burglary which took place in Jutes Lane, Ramsgate on Thursday, December 10 attended an address in Manston Road on December 15 and seized eight catalytic converters as well as mechanical equipment which they suspect had previously been stolen during the burglary.

A 32-year-old man from the Dover area was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods and has since been bailed until Thursday 7 January while enquiries continue.

Sergeant David Reynaert, of Thanet’s Community Policing Unit said: “Kent Police takes the thefts of catalytic converters extremely seriously. We investigate every report made to us and are determined to bring those responsible to justice.

“I would take this opportunity to warn residents to ensure their cars are kept as securely as possible. We would advise owners to look at purchasing a clamp or security cage that make catalytic converters more difficult to steal.

“You can also security-mark and register the metal shell of the converter so we can return it to you if it is stolen and recovered.”

Further advice for motorists includes parking your vehicle in a garage whenever possible or, if you do not have a garage, then park in a busy, well-lit area. If feasible, consider installing good quality CCTV cameras.


  1. This little s#!t has absolutely no idea or care of the distress, inconvenience, cost to the owner (if the insurance company decide they didn’t take enough precautions against theft) of his actions, no doubt it’ll end up as a slap on the wrist, crush his car with his mobile in the glove compartment, see how he likes the inconvenience……twat!!

    Is there much point in returning them to the owner! I thought they rip them out with a grinder 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Pity he was bailed, why not spoil his day like he has spoiled other’s. It no good the police talking rubbish and patronising telling others how to protect their property. The best way to stop crime is to give those who commit it very long prison sentences full 10 years. Then the message would go out that the courts are there to protect the public and not for the benefit of the criminals.

  3. You’d almost think the goverment sees such crime as a good thing, just about everyone has insurances and security measures to look after their property, the government collects the taxes ( insurance premium tax , vat on the products/services we buy) , then to keep this wizaerd wheeze going does its best to make sure the criminal justice system does the minmium needed to catch and punish the crims.

  4. I presume there were ‘exhaustive inquiries’into the matter and that the end game will come in the crown court next year.
    Yes, the police do talk complete community cods wallop, as exemplified by this example.

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