St Peter’s Junior pupils create dance-filled Christmas video

A festive message from St Peter's

Dance-loving youngsters at St. Peter-in-Thanet Junior School have created a brilliant Christmas video to spread some cheer.

Youngsters in class bubbles across the school learnt their routine with Sports Apprentice and dance teacher Summer Stocker, who then edited the video to put all the sections together.

A school spokesperson said: “St. Peter’s pupils, like so many other youngsters, have struggled during the pandemic. Not being allowed to sing or perform in school is very hard for our pupils. The arts is such a massive part of life at St. Peter’s, so we knew we had to do something for Christmas, to cheer everyone up.

“We are still allowed to dance in our class bubbles, so that is what we have done!

“Each class learned the same routine with our Sports Apprentice and dance teacher Summer Stocker. She then edited the video together.”