Thanet drug dealer jailed for supply of heroin, crack cocaine and MDMA

Jailed: Annette Denicolais

A Thanet drug dealer who attempted to kick a ball of cocaine under a car while speaking to a Kent Police officer has been jailed.

Annette Denicolais was stopped by patrols close to her home in May 2019 and, while speaking with a constable, tried to discreetly drop the class A substance on the floor before kicking it out of view.

The 56-year-old, of Dundonald Road, admitted numerous drug supply offences and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday (December 15) to three years and five months’ imprisonment.

Denicolais was arrested on 8 May 2019 after a patrol noticed her driving a silver Volkswagen Polo in Broadstairs and became suspicious of what she was up to.

They followed the Polo back to Dundonald Road, Broadstairs, and when it stopped, an officer went to speak with Denicolais.

During the conversation, she was seen dropping a ball containing a white substance, later confirmed to be cocaine.

The offender was already under investigation for drug supply offences as, on 11 October 2018, a search warrant was carried out at her home.

Denicolais was not present at the time officers attended the address, but she parked a vehicle outside while crews were at the scene.

When she saw the police presence, she attempted to drive away but was stopped nearby by a marked police car.

As a result of the warrant, and a search of her car, two mobile phones and quantities of MDMA and crack cocaine were seized.

A review of the phone’s data revealed she was involved in supplying heroin and crack cocaine.

Investigators reviewing both incidents went on to charge Denicolais with being concerned in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine, possessing MDMA and cocaine with intent to supply and possessing crack cocaine. She was also sentenced for failing to surrender to court bail, while proceedings were ongoing.

Detective Inspector Julien Lawton, from the Margate Crime Investigation Department, said: “Denicolais was actively involved in the supply of class A drugs across Thanet, despite knowing full well the impact drug abuse has on individuals and surrounding communities.

“There can be no tolerance for people who seek to supply drugs and, as a force, we are continually gathering new intelligence and targeting offenders to ensure drugs are seized before they hit the streets.

“I am pleased a custodial sentence has been imposed and would encourage anyone with information on drug dealing to report it to us so we can take similar action against other offenders.”


  1. These people who supply drugs obviously do not give a fig about the welfare and wellbeing of others. They only care about their lifestyle and the money in their bank account. They deserve whatever is coming to them!

  2. What ever they catch them with, they should force feed it down their throats, no sentencing needed, just a hole in the ground under some new sewage works.

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