Power cut affects 234 Ramsgate properties

Power cut

An underground electricity cable faulted on the high voltage network, causing a power cut in parts of Ramsgate tonight (December 8).

Some 234 properties are affected in areas including the Westcliff, Pegwell and Boundary Road.

Engineers are on site. Power is expected to be reinstated between 9pm and 10pm.

UK Power Networks say: “Our engineers have arrived on site in the CT11 0 and CT11 9 area to investigate the power cut affecting 234 properties.

“Specialist engineers are also working to divert power remotely, and this can cause lights to go on and off.

“We know that in the current pandemic, a power cut can be especially disruptive, as you may be working from home, or taking care of elderly or unwell family members, and we want to support you however we can. If you need to speak to us, call our team on 08003163105 any time.”


  1. Kathy, once again please change the photo you use for these reports. The picture you have is for UK Power Networks Services not the DNO, they are a completely separate organisation.

  2. I live just off Boundary Road, and it may be why my computer tried to turn itself off when I was composing a letter, and now can’t be turned Off or On! I am having to send it away for repair, as there is no one locally who can fix it, this happened about 3.30pm. Is that when the power cut happened?

      • Thanks for that Lesley, no I didn’t try them because they were not shown on any websites for computer repairs! But I have made a note of their phone number for future use, as I have arranged to send it to a company in Woking today!

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