Ramsgate RNLI and Coastguard called to group of walkers cut off by tide

Cut off by the tide

Ramsgate RNLI and the Coastguard was called out to North Foreland today (December 5) after a report of people cut of by the tide.

The alert was made by pilot boat crew members Mark Stanford and Stuart Barnes. They also used the pilot boat’s loud hailer to reassure the walkers and inform them the Coastguard were on their way. The stranded man chalked OK in the wall to confirm he’d heard the message

A Ramsgate RNLI spokesperson said: “The All Weather Boat was requested by the Coastguard to be launched to people from Folkestone who had been out for a walk when they got cut off by the tide.

“Due to the large swell in the area and the shallowness of the water the decision was taken to send the inshore lifeboat Claire and David Delves with the AWB on standby at the station.

Photo by crew member Jodie Winch from the inshore lifeboat.

“One crew member was sent ashore to talk and comfort the people, who were concerned about returning with him on the inshore lifeboat.

Photo Mark Stanford

“The decision was taken to call the cliff team from the Coastguard. The casualties were winched up the cliff watched over by the RNLI team, who then returned to station after they were all safe.”


  1. Nice one the Emergency Services , Coastguards and the Pilot Boat crew for being so observant. Have a great Christmas guys and gals.

  2. More halfwits risking the lives of the RNLI & Coastguards-I know, lets not look at the forecasts & just do as we please.

  3. They were in no real danger just staying where there and waiting for the tide to go back out (would’ve been a chilly 6 or so hours though!).

  4. I wonder why the cliff face rescue was done. Maybe good practice? Otherwise lowering some hot soup and a good book until low tide would suffice.

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