Fabulous festive ‘toppers’ appear in Birchington

Brilliant Birchington toppers

Photos Karen Everest

Festive postbox toppers have sprung up in Birchington.

Fourteen of the crochet decorations have been scattered on postboxes in the village thanks to the skills of resident Karen Everest and nine other volunteers.

Passers-by will be able to spot a host of brilliant knitted characters including Santa, reindeer, a robin and even elves tucking into their Christmas dinner.

Karen said: “We first started the tradition last year, topping 9 round post boxes – this year we have topped 14 boxes!

“Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many people, particularly this year having to deal with Covid.  Our aim is to make people smile and lift the spirits and gauging the comments on Facebook, I think we have achieved this.  The posties enjoy having their photos taken with them too!

“We are a small group of 10 who enjoy knitting/crochet: some individuals design their own box, others make a contribution to a box.  This year we were able to use some of last year’s “stock”, circulating the toppers to a different box, there are new designs on five round boxes and the square boxes have new designs.

“We have let our imaginations loose and we have a Santa that has fallen down the chimney, with a reindeer looking very fed up; a gingerbread man trying to dress a tree with a robin helping by holding the paper chain; elves enjoying Christmas lunch; a choir of angels,  to mention just a few.”


  1. Excellent, well done ladies, you deserve a pat on the back.

    Depending on the coming year, perhaps we will see Santa and/or the elves with masks next year.

  2. Herne Bay started doing these years ago, now everyone on the band wagon. They do look good as long as the thanet morrons don’t destroy them like the shelters.

    • I’ve long admired the toppers in Herne Bay, so much work as you have over 30 to do. I’m looking forward to seeing them again this year.

  3. Birchington have had this tradition for 3/4 years now. So it’s hardly a bandwagon.

    Excellent stuff and long may it continue. Bringing Joy instead of moaning or in fighting is something this nation needs to learn.

    Come together right now and keep smiling.

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