Thanet duo hope to hit the charts with festive ‘lockdown’ parody song

The BounceBack Loons have released a Christmas tune

A musical duo from Thanet are aiming to hit the Christmas charts with their quirky festive song.

James Mason, from Manston, and Chris Kennedy, from Minster, have created a light hearted parody of Santa Claus is Coming To Town starring PM Boris Johnson and government Cabinet members.

James and Chris

The pair, who have named themselves the BounceBack Loons says the Boris Johnson’s Locking You Down tune and video is not political but just a bit of fun to cheer people up.

James, 39, is an occasional singer with Chris’s band The Swing Chasers. At a loose end after the pandemic left Chris was left without gigs and decimated James’s video advert customer list, the pair decided to pen a festive single.

James said: “Our work was being cancelled, my business crashed through covid and we couldn’t get BounceBack loans because we were with the wrong bank. So we decided to do this for a bit of fun. It has really taken off.”

James, who says he is the joker with Chris as the straight man when they gig, sent his pal the lyrics expecting them to be rejected.

But Chris, 36, gave the thumbs up and 24 hours the pair had completed the song and video. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon.

James said: “It has had a lot of positive feedback. It isn’t a political thing, we had a laugh making it and hope that it will bring some comical festive cheer to the world that has suffered along with us this year, we are all in this together!”

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