Slow decline of rolling covid rates for Thanet

A slow decline in Covid rates

As Kent heads into Tier 3 restrictions tomorrow (December 2) covid rates in Thanet continue to reduce.

The overall rate for the isle for the seven days to November 26  is 443.2 – a drop from mid November when rates stood at 504.5 but still much higher than the start of November when the rolling rate was 268.5. Even this was a huge increase on the previous month when, going into October, the rate per 100,000 people was 24.7.

The England average rate is now 160.2 per 100,000

However, the government data map for today shows an increasing amount of blue for areas of the isle rather than purple (which indicates rates at 400-plus.

There were 78 positive tests for Thanet reported today (December 1), making 669 over the last 7 days which is a 6.2% drop on the previous week.

Kent Public Health data says the sensitivity of RT-PCR testing methodology is reportedly poor and has been estimated to give false-negative rates between 2% and 29% of the time. Positive tests are considered accurate by comparison.

Sadly, six deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test were reported for today, making 23 in the last seven days – a rise of 53%.

The total number of people in Thanet who have had a confirmed positive test result as of 1 December was 4,097.

The total number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for Coronavirus as of 30 November 2020 was 165. However this is not the total number of deaths overall with East Kent Hospitals recording 515 deaths of people who have tested positive for covid recorded for the hospital trust up until November 25.

As of November 24,  138 beds at East Kent Hospitals (Margate, Ashford and Canterbury) were in use for covid patients and 15 covid patients were on mechanical ventilation.

Across England the greatest number of deaths has been recorded in those aged 60 and over. Nationally just under 300 deaths were recorded for those aged  0-39.

Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate but may not be the primary cause of death.

The figures are updated daily, although there is some time lag on some statistics. They can be found on the government dashboard here and here and on the KCC website here

Tonight MPs are due to vote on the legislation for covid tier restrictions tonight but there is rebellion amongst Tory backbenchers and Labour looks set to abstain.

PM Boris Johnson has promised a more ‘granular’ approach to restrictions in the first review on December 16 and announced a one-off, £1,000 payment for wet pubs in December in a bid to persuade MPs to back him.

UPDATE: Covid tier measures are passed by a vote of 291 to 78.

Tier 3 explained – what is open and what remains closed; who you can meet, Christmas bubbles and where you can travel


  1. Thanks for these updates IOTN.

    Still no deep dive results from Kent Health?

    Still no QEQM from the NHS?

    Still no explanation for Thanet how these numbers inexplicably exploded.

    Hoping for more info, keep pressing away.

      • Kent Public Health committed to a ‘deep dive’ (their words, not mine) to try and understand the rocketing Thanet figures given they’ve not published any age bandings, any demographics nor any QEQM figures. Nobody knows why our cases are so high, it is all guesswork without more detail. Detail that is routinely gathered but they fail to share. I would have thought it would be a priority to understand what is happening in Kent, and why.

        • Far left/far right got very little to do with it. Thanet is one of the poorest areas in Kent. Few jobs, low wages, some people sadly have to choose between self isolating or not getting paid. A lot of people rely on service industry here and tourist trade. Shared housing, one person has COVID all have to isolate. 10 years of Tory austerity which our local MPS voted for has not helped this area at all. Yes, there are a few people who ignore guidelines, I am one of the far left you blame, but I follow all the guidelines.

  2. Alice , i have asked at kcc why no individual figures for Margate hopital. No information from public health officers. Disgusting cover up

  3. Seems coincidental that covid figures rocketed as soon as the Dreamland testing unit opened.

    Couldn’t be data manipulation by a desperate government to justify continued restrictions on personal liberty.

    How about figures for monthly death rates for last 5 years and this year.

  4. “The schools went back” this is rolped out every time. The schools do not create it. Covid is bought into the school by sloppy social practices before that. And unsurprisingly even the lowest infected areas in the UK have schools too. If the schools were wholly the cause of our disgustingly high levels of infection then it would be the same throughout the UK.

  5. The average death rate age from covid is higher than the actual average death age for the UK. Let that sink in. Last year there were no regular articles or pronouncements on deaths or illnesses from normal flu, heart attacks, car accidents, cancer, poverty, additions such as drugs or alcohol, obesity, side effects of medication etc. etc, or any meaningful examination of suicides (particular amongst young men). Children and youth are our future, and schools and all forms of education should be fully supported in operating in a normal, functional and happy way. And that includes helping those with special needs. We should be living a happy functional life – including those in care or special needs homes. And should all know ways to boost our own immune systems naturally.

  6. The death rate from C19 is low because people are taking precautions. In the same way that the death rate on the roads us low: we have rules, and most of the time most people obey them.
    If lockdown was abandoned or substantially eased back in favour of the economy, the death rate would sky rocket, as would the consequences of “long covid”.
    If schools were the problem, then every part if the country (including Cornwall and the Isle of Wight (currently T1) would show similar alarming growth.

  7. may be something to do with the influx of over 8,000 ilegles into thannet and thats why they rearly dont want publish the figs ????

    • Judging by your grasp of the English language, I can only assume you’re one of this immigrant influx you mentioned.

  8. Cases started to rise from pubs. I wont mention what pub i work in, but we have a capacity of 340, with the rule of six we still hit 200. Staff so busy during big football games/ halloween that they had no time to sanetize anything or clean, ludicrous to ask a busy pub to have last orders at 9:30 then staff leave at 10:30. Pubs are losing money with all the restrictions then having to cut labour costs, 200 people sat in groups with nobody to clean, nobody wearing PPE, still passing cash around. Its a joke.

  9. Well said Andrew. Unfortunately most COVID deniers are refusing to wear masks in shops and you know if they are refusing to wear masks they definitely aren’t washing their hands sufficiently.

    Thanet also suffers from a lot militant far left and far right supporters and both these militant groups have their own agendas and in many cases refuse to follow the government’s COVID regulations claiming it’s an affront on their rights. The paranoia in Thanet is off the scale.

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