Work by Birchington photographer Fern Sherratt-Wells goes global

Talented Fern uses local places, models and make up artists Photo Fern Sherratt-Wells

A multi-talented Birchington resident is putting Thanet on the map and showcasing her photographic talents with images featured in global publications.

Fern Sherratt-Wells, who works as a veterinary nurse as well as running her photography business with husband Martin and an event prop hire firm with relatives, has been featured in American Creative Cosplay Magazine, which was published today (December 1) has a feature coming up in  Dreamy Magazine – again based in the States – and last year her shots were published in Photoshoot Magazine.

The 47-year-old took up photography as a hobby some 10 years ago but over the last three years has ade it a professional endeavour.

And a passion within that is including Thanet locations and local models and make up artists.

Fern Sherratt-Wells

She said: “I love Thanet and the opportunities it gives me with locations and local talent in creating my visuals for my photoshoots. The beaches and coastline are brilliant backdrops for photographs.

“My passion is photography and I’m rarely without a camera in my hand when I’m out and about.

“It’s been a hobby of mine now for about 10 years, delving in and out, but I’ve taken more of a keen and professional approach only in the last three years. In that time, my imagination, creativity and the way I see things has completely changed to produce my own style of photography.

“I now do family, pets, kids, cosplay, baby, product, engagement, couples and single photoshoots as well as weddings. It’s great meeting people and I always try to make my shoots fun, not too posed or stuffy and I have a laugh with my clients to help put them at ease. The best photos are the non-posed and completely natural ones.

“I first had my work published in a worldwide online magazine last September. It was a shoot I had arranged with another local photographer, Ade Davies, who had also helped mentor me a lot in the past.

“I am a big fan of horror and, in particular, a series called the Walking Dead on TV. I found a guy based in London who did lookalike work as one of the main characters from the show. He agreed to be on board for the shoot and for make up, I asked the local college in Broadstairs if there were any students willing to give zombie make up a go.

“Two girls came forward,  and they did a fantastic job. My two zombies were friends of mine, one had done some modelling before but nothing like this. I had a friend who owned some private land just outside of Ramsgate which was a deserted scrub area and that gave an apocalyptic feel which I wanted.

“On a hot day in August 2019, we did the photoshoot and all pulled together to make it better than I ever envisioned. It was so good, Ade suggested we submit it to Photoshoot Magazine for publication. They carefully select which photographers go into an issue so I didn’t hold out much hope. But to my pleasant surprise, we were chosen and featured in their Halloween 2019 edition.”

Participants in that shoot were Brodie Bottle and Hannah Purkess on make up; models were Mike Burleigh, Zoe Davies, Brandon Davies, Adam Sherratt and the land owner was Stuart Barnes.

Boosted by the success Fern went on to submit to other publications and has done a vintage lingerie shoot  with Margate’s Madam Popoff.

Fern said: “I regularly do fashion shoots with them now, mainly in Margate, incorporating local landmarks into my shots. That confidence was boosted by having a great team of local models, make up artists, stylists and super locations around Thanet.

“There is so much talent in this area to create some lovely visuals worthy of many publications which can help put Thanet and its’ local creative people on the radar worldwide.”

The Cosplay magazine feature is of a Halloween shoot at Quex Park and the Dreamy Magazine feature shows images from a sunflower field with a local Thanet amateur model and make up skills by another local girl.

Fern added: “Wherever possible, I try to credit my model, location, styling, hair and make up to help local business and individuals to elevate their status. We all work together to help each other, especially at hard times for the industry like now.

“I would have loved to have done more shoots this year, just to keep my creative mind going as well as the people I collaborate with, but it wasn’t to be. So all my ideas and theirs are on the backburner and will be done when the pandemic allows us to, safely.

“Next year I hope things can start getting back to normal so most of the couples that have booked photography with us this year and had to postpone can finally get married and let us capture their big day.

“ I’d also love to do a photoshoot with a celebrity for my portfolio and to just have many more fun and innovative shoot ideas with the fabulous team I work with.

Find out more at :

Instagram: @ferns.photography500


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