Another school year group closure and bus alert following positive covid cases

St George's C/E school

Another year group at St George’s school in Broadstairs has been asked to isolate following a positive covid result for someone in the group bubble.

Parents and carers of students in Year 11 were notified of the year closure yesterday (November 30).

A letter from the school says: “An individual in Year 11 has tested positive for Covid and we have made the decision to ask all of the year group to now remain at home and make use of our remote learning.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and the increased number of infections over recent weeks combined with the knock on effect of staffing has meant this is the only option left to us.

“This is less than an ideal scenario for all of us concerned given where we are in the term but all pupils should access Teams for their lessons and we will ensure that any missed mock exams will be completed in January.”

Year 11 students will return to the school on December 14.

St George’s has also issued an alert over bus services after a positive covid result.

Those who travelled on the 933 or 48a bus to or from school on Thursday, November 26 are told they must isolate and not return to school until Friday, December 11.

In a letter from headteacher Adam Mirams to parents and carers he said that on any one day during that week in November week 25 and 30 staff were absent, mainly due to having to isolate.

At the end of last month  Year 8 students were asked to remain at home until December 7 because, alongside a small number of Covid infections, the school is ‘simply running out of staff.’

It is understood that Year 1 and Year 2 bubbles at Priory Infants in Ramsgate are also isolating as are a number of students from Charles Dickens school in Broadstairs, although which year groups are affected has not yet been confirmed.

Parents with children in Year 4 at Drapers Mills have also been asked for the youngsters to isolate until December 9 and Year 10 at Dane Court has also been sent home due to confirmed cases.

More than 25 Thanet schools have had to enact year group, or full school, closures since September.

Many parents have taken to social media this week to debate whether they should keep their children home from December 11 to avoid the need for isolation over Christmas.