Ramsgate Living Advent Calendar in aid of Thanet Winter Shelter

Ramsgate's advent calendar event is back

A Living Advent Calendar event is taking place in Ramsgate every night from tomorrow (December 1) to December 24.

Between 6:30pm – 8pm each evening there will be a house in Ramsgate that has decorated its door or window for people to view.

The calendar event has been running for the last four years and raises money for charity.

This year  it is in aid of the Thanet Winter Shelter which provides accommodation for rough sleepers and is open this year from November 23 to March 31.

This year the shelter is in one location, instead of multiple church sites, and is running a 24/7 service. This is due to covid safety measures and means the costs are much greater this year.

The shelter has separate rooms for 18 people – in line with covid restrictions – plus extra capacity if needed.

It will be open until March 31 and is being run by Thanet council and the Ramsgate Salvation Army, headed by new manager Lauren Oates.

The scheme also involves Serveco, the homelessness RISE team, Forward Trust and Citizens Advice.

Due to the 24 hour service this year, sessions on art, literacy, life skills and extended time with outreach workers is available.

One of the advent event organisers, Cllr Anne-Mare Nixey, said: “Last year we did amazingly. This year will be harder but people have still put themselves up for it and we are keeping it very covid safe with looking only.

“We have the use of the Thanet Winter Shelter justgiving page to help the money go directly to them, rather than just cash like every other year. Displays are 6.30pm to 8pm unless otherwise stated.”

Visitors to the advent calendar properties are asked to make a donation to the Thanet Winter Shelter justgiving page here

Covid restrictions mean big changes for the Thanet Winter Shelter this year