Westwood Road McDonald’s now open

McDonald's in Westwood Road Photo Frank Leppard

A new McDonald’s restaurant and drive through has opened at the former David Copperfield site on Westwood Road.

The fast food outlet, run by long-term franchisee Paul Crocker, had been subject to concerns including increased traffic, pollution, noise, disturbance and litter associated with the proposed use and concerns regarding health given the proximity of the site to St George’s CofE Foundation School.

But planning approval was given in May with a council committee voting 6-4 in favour of the plans, with conditions.

The David Copperfield shut on April 1, 2019 and the site was bought by the fast food chain for £4,200,000.

The chain said its Experience of the Future restaurant – with ordering via kiosk online and free to use wifi and tablets – will provide 65 to 100 jobs.

Paul Crocker ran a number of successful petrol station businesses before taking on a McDonald’s franchise in 1995. He now operates numerous restaurants in Kent with the help of his wife.

The site will offer takeaways, drive-through and delivery services while Covid restrictions are in place.

McDonald’s already has branches at Westwood, Minster and Margate.

Many independent Thanet food and drink businesses are also running takeaway and delivery services while Covid restrictions are in place.

Thanet ‘lockdown’ 2: List of shops and services open/collection/delivery


  1. There is nothing wrong with McDonalds they keep their sites nice and clean, it’s a shame their customers do not take more care disposing with the packages and cups. That’s what spoils it.

  2. Right next to KFC, should send the obesity rates even higher. Three junk food outlets just aren’t enough for the kings of coronaries.

  3. The bins of both take a ways should be placed outside
    their premises to cater for the students of near by schools
    to place their rubbish no good bins being on site hence
    the words TAKE-AWAY

  4. They had people sat eating inside today 25th Nov! Thought wasnt meant to during lockdown!! Guess mcds can do what they like lol

  5. Another place for idiots with loud cars to loiter and litter. Fantastic news for my mother, who’s house is in close proximity to this unnecessary and unhealthy cash cow. Great location though, 3 nearby schools to exploit, Mr Crocker is going to love making a few more pounds by exploiting the youth. What is he, a modern day Fagin?

    • Two business you will find plenty of in deprived areas-bookies & junk food joints. The parasites know their target audience.

  6. How was this ever allowed right outside a large school? Bad enough with KFC there but McD’s is a magnet to junk food junkies. Isn’t the one at nearby Westwood enough? TDC planning want their arses kicking far out to sea!

    • It only passed narrowly, so at least there are some there with some moral fibre. Sadly money talks & councils want companies that have money to pay the high rents & Ronald’s cheques never bounce. I have always heard that brown envelopes stuffed with cash can make the difference on what gets the go-ahead-no idea if that is just an urban legend spread by sore losers, or a reality.

  7. absolutely disgusting to see this, as it’s right next to a school, the obesity levels we go up and the traffic will get worse but good old thanet council letting this get approved well done boys !!!!!

  8. Shocking how this was allowed pretty much outside a school, There should have been conditions, like not allowed to serve school children during school times and maybe an hour each side.

    This has been the talk of the school with pupils excited to be able to go on lunch break (most likely outside of the bubbles they are meant to be in)

    This type of food should have massive levies placed on them to stop it selling burgers at 99p and also to pay for the damage obesity and the damage it does to people.

    I am all for everything in moderation but these places make it so easy and cheap for people.

  9. Unbelievable they got away with this – right opposite a school and with one only half a mile away – another well done for TDC granting planning permission – wonder how many McDollars changed hands?

  10. The litter police should make a killing there. So…. Why don’t they? Maybe cctv could be used to fine litterers also. Often people will leave the receipts in the bags. If they paid by card, their details will be in the litter. Combined with cctv and a x2 wardens in front of them, it would be very ‘positive’ scheme.
    People that cannot ‘afford’ to pay their fine could do community service picking up litter

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