Man jailed for pointing loaded shotgun at police in Ramsgate

Josh Chambers has been jailed

A 27-year-old man who pointed a loaded shotgun at police in Ramsgate has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Police were attending a disturbance on the seafront when Joshua Chambers was seen brandishing the live firearm as he sat in his car before driving away.

Kent Police received a call at around 3.25am on July 26, 2019, from a member of the public, who had seen Chambers’ silver Renault Clio drive up Albion Hill and stop while the shotgun was pointed through the car window in the direction of the unsuspecting officers, around 20 metres away.

A search by officers was carried out in the area to find the suspect, who was found in Albion Place. Chambers ran away, discarding the gun in a public bin.

The sawn-off shotgun was recovered and confirmed as loaded and ready to fire. Chambers was found soon after and arrested.

Following an investigation by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad, Chambers, of no fixed address, was charged with possessing a loaded shotgun in a public place.

He admitted the offence when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court, and was sentenced today (November 25).

Senior investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson said: “The severity of Joshua Chambers’ actions should not be underestimated. He was carrying a live firearm and pointing it at people, the repercussions of which would be unimaginable, should the gun have been fired.

“Officers, who are committed to keeping people safe, were in the area because they were needed at that moment. There can simply be no acceptable reason for Chambers’ actions.

“Chambers’ behaviour is dangerous so it was important he was found quickly and brought before the court.”


  1. Good riddance, it’s just a shame this lowlife didn’t get a much longer sentence. Thugs deserve to be behind bars not in the community.

      • Could you explain why you feel such a short sentence is appropriate given the offence he committed? There’s no reference as to wether or not the shotgun was legally owned ( though having been shortened in the way it has would make it illegal) possession of shotgun ammunition is not technically an offence, but having the firearm in public with no good reason certainly is.

      • The guy is scum. He’s been in and out of prison and needs to stay there. He is a menace to society and it won’t be long until he kills someone. Look at his criminal CV, he is an animal and dangerous animals belong behind bars. Society is better of with this thug jailed.

  2. Cutting down a shotgun makes it illegal.and as such makes it unlicensed firearm whoch carries a mandatory five years let alone making threats with it.trouble is the criminals know they have the full protection of the courts whereas victims of crime are just given a ßatisfaction survey.

    • It does feel like the welfare of the criminal and the criminals families seem to be considered more than the victims of crime. The vast majority of the general public want criminal scum locked away for longer, it’s just unfortunate that a liberal minority control our justice system and have no idea what’s it’s like in the real world. When crime doesn’t affect you it’s much easier to have a generous attitude to criminals. Judges who live in leafy suburbs have zero knowledge of the realities of everyday life and the effects that crime has on its victims on a daily basis.

    • Apparently the 5 year mandatory sentence only applies to sec5 firearms (i’d thought the same as yourself) , as you say as soon as it was cut down it was illegal and given his previous offences its hard to see he had a shotgun certificate with which to have aquired the gun legally before chopping it.
      Shows what a mockery the strong language we hear from politicians on law order is.

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