Chilton primary pupil Fraya sends Covid instructions letter to PM Boris Johnson

Fraya has sent a letter to the PM

Fed up with the prospect of Lockdown 2 restrictions and missing her friends on her birthday, a young Ramsgate schoolgirl decided to make her feelings known – in a letter direct to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Fraya, who is 10 this month, put pen to paper with ideas about tackling Coronavirus.

The Chilton Primary School Year 5 pupil also included some handy instructions and colourful diagrams, and posted them off to 10 Downing Street in a large brown envelope.

Fraya’s work includes information about social distancing and having shopping delivered to your home, together with some pictures of the virus being defeated.

Michaela Lewis, Executive Head Teacher at Viking Academy Trust that includes Chilton, is impressed with Fraya’s initiative. She said: “Fraya did it off her own back on the eve of lockdown, it wasn’t a school assignment.

“I thought it was fabulous that she would want to get so involved.”

Natalie Barrow, Chilton’s Deputy Head of School, agreed: “She’s really interested in politics and follows the news about Covid and has also been watching the ups and downs of the US election with interest.

“Her mum said Fraya’s so fed up with the pandemic. It is her birthday very soon and she won’t be able to see friends or family, she can’t go horse riding and she really doesn’t want schools closing again.

“She felt she had some tips that she could give to Boris on how to fix it.  So she created a leaflet, looked up his postal address and sent it off.

“She enjoys creative writing at school but this is something that she did completely under her own steam at home because she was so passionate about it – we are extremely proud of her courage and passion.”

And now all eyes are on the post box in the next week or so to see if Fraya receives a special reply from the Prime Minister.


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