Data shows a rise in positive covid cases for Thanet

The coronavirus data

Covid rates in Thanet continue to show a rise with 312 positive tests recorded for the seven days to November 6 – a rise of 99 on the previous seven days, according to government data

The figures from government and the Kent County Council dashboard show Thanet has 200.8 weekly cases per 100,000 people (for the week up to November 2), second highest in the county. Swale has the highest rates at 230.5 weekly cases per 100,000 people.

The figure for Kent as a whole is 123.5 per 100,000.

In Thanet 64 people returned positive tests recorded for November 6 and the total number of positive cases for Thanet now stands at 1,688. The rolling seven day infection rate up to November 1 was 181.8.

Thanet has suffered 119 deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test reported up until November 6 and 163 (week ending October 23) where Covid is mentioned on the death certificate as one of the causes. These are people who have Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate, meaning that it may not be the primary cause of death.

A large number of isle schools are also reporting positive cases including at Chatham & Clarendon, Northdown, Hartsdown, Newington, Upton, King Ethelbert, Royal Harbour Academy, Minster primary, Bromstone, Dame Janet Primary in Ramsgate, Garlinge primary, St Anthony’s School, Ellington infants,  Dane Court, Cliftonville primary, St George’s CofE and St Ethelbert’s primary.

The figures are updated daily, although there is some time lag on some statistics. They can be found on the government dashboard here and here

Kent County Council says: “Infection rates are continuing to increase across almost all districts in Kent and the increase appears to be predominately amongst people of working age, which means there is a higher risk of community transmission.

“To reduce the rate of transmission we all need to continue to follow the rules of lockdown and play our part to keep people in Kent and our loved ones safe by:

  • minimising social contact with people as much as possible
  • minimising leaving home as much as possible
  • wearing a mask in public places where appropriate
  • maintaining good hand hygiene.

“Look out for those in your local community who may need extra support during lockdown and remember, support is available through Kent Together.

The guidance from government is clear on who you can meet and where; please play your part to help protect Kent and Medway and stay safe during the lockdown period.”

Kent County Council data for 27 October to 2 November


Weekly cases per
100,000 people – 236.3

Cases by district


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -70


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -95.5


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -132.3


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -125.3

Folkestone and Hythe

Weekly cases per
100,000 people -72.6


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -122.5


Weekly cases per
100,000 people- 130.9


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -105.2


Weekly cases per
100,000 people -230.5


Weekly cases per
100,000 people- 200.8

Tonbridge and Malling

Weekly cases per
100,000 people- 111.2

Tunbridge Wells

Weekly cases per
100,000 people- 54.7



    • Exactly Bill, why shut anything if you’re not going to shut the schools, children maybe immune but surely they can still carry it on their clothes, if of course they come into contact with an adult that has or is carrying it, then in turn pass it to other children who will in turn take it home, makes no sense!!

      • Shutting the schools may seem like a good idea to everyone, but what about the students whose education has been ruined thus far this year.

  1. New testing centre opened in Margate.

    Number of people being tested rises dramatically.

    Number of people found testing positive rises dramatically.

    Please can we have some statistics that have some meaning.

    • If the increase in testing shows in increase in positive cases, that therefore, logically means that CV19+ patients have been much more under-reported than they previously had due to a lack of testing.

      You know, if you engage in critical thought at all?

  2. There are many false positive results. If you have had the flu it is recorded as Coronavirus. We knew as soon as the Margate testing centre opens then the rates would rise. Also, with schools being a breeding ground then the lockdown is pointless in anycase.

  3. Agree, there are so many false positives in the testing, as highly qualified experts across the world are saying. It is trying to make the case for destructive lockdowns, when the justification is not there, but legal cases are being prepared on this. Psychologist Emma Kenny has just broadcast a piece saying mental health in all areas of society are being impacted hugely -suicides, self harm, depression – and the safeguarding of children has fundamentally failed. On top of this, many many businesses will fail. She says the government is the biggest gaslighter, coercive controller and absolute abuser of our children over this. I would say any politician of any party who has supported these measures is equally guilty. They are trying to fudge the data to justify creating what is amounting to a totalitarian state, with little opposition. 1984 is indeed the playbook, along with the Public Health Act 1984! But even ex members of Public Health UK – such as Graham Hutchinson, ex senior chief biomedical scientist, are speaking out against it all. He says many more colleagues would like to, but are afraid of losing their NHS jobs or pension.

    • Emma Kenny? The psych who isn’t even qualified as a psych projecting her own gaslighting on to the government?

      Suicides up, despite NHS stats saying the total opposite?

      She’s a “counsellor”, not a qualified Psychologist with the PhD and doctorate to qualify her as such. She’s a CBT and “mindfullness” therapist…

      There isn’t even a thing called “public health uk”, its public health england, who aren’t in charge of the pandemic response, but the joint biosecurity centre is. Track n Trace being outsourced to Serco for £12bn shows you just this in action.

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