Broadstairs Town Shed team install Little Library at Pierremont Park

The newest Little Library

Broadstairs Town Shed, a project from Broadstairs Town Team, have made and installed another ‘Little Library’ in Pierremont Park today (November 4).

Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council agreed that the Little Library could be put in the park and are collaborating with Town Team on managing it.

The first ‘Little Free Library’, which is a book sharing box, appeared in America more than 10 years ago. It was built as homage to a school teacher who loved to read.

Designed to look like a traditional ‘School House’ it kicked off a world-wide book sharing movement. Millions of books are now exchanged every year, across 100 countries, and there are over 100,000 now world-wide.

The aim is to increase access to books for readers of all ages and background.

Book-sharing boxes play an essential role by providing 24/7 access to books and encouraging a love of reading in areas where books are scarce.

Books can be freely borrowed then returned, or exchanged for another, as often as required.

There are approximately eight already in and around Thanet, four of which have been built at The Shed.

The Little Library will feature books for both adults and children to borrow free, and the hope is that book donations will be made to keep the supply changing.

Several local volunteers will ensure the library is regularly checked, re-stocked and sanitised.

Cllr Ruth Bailey said: “The installation of the Little Library, in the grounds of Pierremont Hall, is a fabulous collaboration between the Town Shed, Town Team, Town Council and local volunteers. “Having previously been a primary school literacy leader I have always fostered the love of reading and I hope that adults and children alike will get much enjoyment from borrowing these books.

“Well done to all involved in this project, especially the ‘Shedders’, and I hope that the library will be well used and valued as a wonderful new resource for Broadstairs.”

Claire Shelton, from Broadstairs Town Shed added: “This fantastic Little Library is not just an amazing project but lovingly and beautifully made by The Shed. We were delighted when the Town Council agreed that it could be installed in the grounds of Pierremont Hall.

“It’s a great location, and we so look forward to readers of all ages from Broadstairs enjoying, sharing and donating books to share in turn with others.”


  1. How wonderful- where are the others in Thanet?

    I will definitely be visiting and donating – great idea, well done to the organisers

    • There is 1 in Stanley Rd in Cliftonville and last Christmas was turned into a santa letterbox and it spoke to the children when they were posting their letters and now it is a book exchange library again.

  2. I built the library, painted it, and completed It by hand lettering the front. It was an absolute pleasure being involved in the project.
    As a member of the Town Shed, I’m very pleased to see it up in a prominent place where I’m sure it will be appreciated.
    Let’s just hope that it’s not vandalized, and it’s gives pleasure to people for many years to come.

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