St Anthony’s School in Margate precautionary closure until November 9 following two positive Covid cases

St Anthony's School

St Anthony’s School in Margate has today (November 1) notified parents that the school will be shut until November 9 following two pastoral staff members testing positive for Covid.

In a letter to parents and carers head teacher Robert Page said due to the nature of their role the staff members would have come into contact with many staff and pupils and so he has taken the precautionary closure decision.

He wrote: “We have liaised with Public Health England, KCC and school governors. Sixteen members of staff and 28 pupils have been in close contact so they have been asked to isolate until November 7. Happy to say all pupils and staff are not currently showing any symptoms.

“To prevent additional cases l have taken the decision to move to ‘remote learning’.  This means all pupils will be at home next week with the plan to be back in school on November 9 as isolating staff should be able to return to work as long as no additional cases appear.”

A staff meeting to discuss the remote learning will take place tomorrow.

Mr Page added: “I know this may be challenging for some of our children but l think this will be the norm for the next couple of terms as we deal with the pandemic.”

Garlinge Primary School is also shut until November 9 following 32 reported positive cases.


  1. So will all the little darlings be under 24 hour lockdown and isolation at home. – or will they be out and about going to the shops, going to Mc Donalds, going and visiting friends and relatives ? ? ?

    I think I suspect I may already know the answer to that one . . .

    • My little darling will certainly not be out. He safely isolating at home and will be until he can return to school safely . Not all parents are irresponsible.

  2. Well, people with symptoms are supposed to stay home and away from others which will be difficult for children needing support. This is a precaution so it is not spread about further. Children in schools are in an ideal position to be spreading covid-19.

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