St Laurence in Thanet pupils raise cash for two important causes

Fundraising pupils at St Laurence in Thanet

As part of St Laurence in Thanet Junior Academy’s commitment to developing children’s personal and social education, both Year 5 classes have chosen a charity to support over the coming year.

Dickens class chose The Cinnamon Trust, which is a specialist national charity that supports elderly pet owners, enabling them to keep their beloved pets at home with them for company.

Townley class opted for The Red Cross, which helps people in crisis all over Britain and the world, responding to emergencies and aiding communities to recover after disasters.

To raise money for the charities, Year 5 children enjoyed a film and popcorn afternoon on Friday, October 23, “purchasing” an entry ticket to see a movie of their choice. Their first fundraising event of the year raised almost £100 for the charities.

Over the course of the year, the classes will put on fundraising events and come up with ideas to promote their chosen charities.

Amy from Townley class said: “Helping people who are less fortunate than us and who need support is the right thing to do. Raising so much money is amazing as it will help so many people.”

Megan and Phoebe from Dickens class added: “It is important that we look after the elderly and their pets because they could be too weak to walk them and feed them. Pets help them not to be lonely. It is exciting to bring snacks and watch a movie knowing that we are helping people.”