Celebration as road safety measures installed next to St Gregory’s Primary School

TRIUMPH: Head teacher Diane Rougvie-Fevrier, Cameron Dougherty, Candy Gregory, Pauline Farrance, teachers, parents and children at St Gregory's.

Teachers, parents, ward councillors and a residents’ association are celebrating after road safety measures were finally installed on Nash Road.

Kent Highways has put road markings, signs and posts along the stretch following appeals to ensure the safety of St Gregory’s nursery and reception children who are using the staff entrance on Nash Road as part of the school’s Covid-19 social distancing measures.

Ward councillor Cllr Pauline Farrance contacted Kent County Council in July to request the measures to keep children safe. Her concerns over the speed of drivers and the lack of visibility were echoed by Salmestone Ward Residents Association members and the school.

St Gregory’s head teacher Diane Rougvie-Fevrier said: “We have had to change our entry points to school due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  The entrance to this side of the school is on a very busy road and we, like our neighbours, had great concerns for our children’s safety.

“With the support and dedication of Cllr Farrance and the Salmestone Ward Residents Association we are so happy to see the measures that have been put in place to alert drivers to the school entrance and help to keep our school community safe.”

Cllr Farrance added: “Cllr Candy Gregory and I are delighted to see that the safety measures for the children of St Gregory’s School have finally been installed.

“Together with the Salmestone Ward Residents Association committee, we are all so relieved that the traffic dangers to our children and families are now minimised. The road markings, signs and posts in Nash Road are now warning drivers about the school entrance, and have prevented the dangerous parking on the grass verge.

“I first approached KCC in July to ask that these safety measures be installed.  It took over 40 emails and a great deal of enquiries and liaison work, but we got there in the end.”

Chair of Salmestone Ward Residents’ Association, Cameron Dougherty, said it was a ‘small triumph.’

He said: “This shows that, with the persistence of our Councillors Farrance and Gregory, our Salmestone community has been listened to and our residents are safer.  We are celebrating a small triumph in these difficult times, and hope that this can be a message to everyone that you should never give up!”


  1. Well done to kcc highway officers who kept their promises to put new signs up as quickly as they did

  2. That’s brilliant just need to do something for Salmestone Primary School now there was a few new rd signs and posts a few years ago due to a petition I did but I still feel more could be done.
    My daughter no longer attends the school now but I still live near and see near misses of children trying to cross the road and how fast the cars go past the school and over the traffic lights.

  3. I have campaigned for a 20 miles a hour speed limit around Salmestone school and its in the system.waiting for the money from kcc.

  4. Donna it is in the system but i can only hope that we are somewhere near the front of the queue of the many bids for monies in kent.

  5. I thought that the government had stumped up £Ms to help create more pedestrian and cycle friendly roads?
    Did all that money get spent on installing, then removing, the systems in Westgate-on-Sea?

  6. First part of £1,6 Million kcc fund spent or more accurately mispent on some areas like Westgate. Next £6.4 millions coming soon, ive put in a bid for Salmestone 20 miles limit to be included. No promises that it will be successful

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