Ramsgate business boss and staff member tackle unsightly graffiti in town centre

Unsightly graffiti Photo Jamie Kight

Business boss Jamie Kight and employee Andy Tuppenny have donned their gloves and got out the paintbrushes to get rid of a Ramsgate town eyesore.

Kent Beds & Sofas director Jamie and driver Andy say they were so fed up of the graffiti blighting the side of the Argos building in the High Street that they decided to deal with the issue themselves.

Andy tackles the eyesore

Dad-of-two Jamie,45, (pictured below) said: “The graffiti has been there for a year wo we’ve decided to tidy it up to give back to the community. We were fed up with it being an eyesore.

“So, I bought the paint and my driver came in on his day off to do the painting.”

For the 12 months from September 2019 to August 2020 there were 198 reports of criminal damage and arson in Central Harbour ward, which includes Ramsgate High Street.


  1. Very well done lads, the one way to stop brainless idiots spoiling the town is to paint over or remove the criminals mess because that’s what it is criminal damage. it would not hurt for TDC to supply what’s needed to them.
    Graffiti is a total disgrace. The council should do more to stop it and help to remove it. We used to buy our fish and chips from Mr Chips shop on the Margate road near the Hare and hounds pub. However we stopped going there because he cannot be bothered to have the graffiti removed from the side of his shop. So we can’t be bothered to shop there.

  2. Graffiti seems to be back in ‘fashion’ at the moment, so I’m sure it will be back again pretty swiftly.
    The best way to get more graffiti is repaint the whole area one plain colour. It needs to be more camouflaged so there is no way for the ‘tags’ to be shown off. That’s why brick work is targeted less.

  3. On the rare occasion they catch these moron’s they should impose a 20 hour week cleaning up graffiti for a minimum two years.

    Twats like #anksi don’t help either.

    • Unbelievably there are Labour MPs who do not view graffiti as a criminal offence and rather view it as freedom of expression. Jeremy Corbyn himself has previously stood up for Graffiti artists.

      The reality is that Graffiti is an eyesore and the perpetrators need to be treated as criminals as they are destroying property that’s not theirs.

  4. Unfortunately, those who persist in spraying their tags everywhere can only be likened to dogs urinating up a lamp post.

    They are clearly sad individuals with sad empty lives.

    They are clearly bereft of any artistic talent whatsoever – and cannot even write their own names . . .

  5. Chess, I don’t think most of so-called Banksy paintings are from one person they are mostly copies. Regardless graffiti is criminal damage to someone else’s property.

  6. This is all round the town .Reported this week’s a go to RTC was tolled as it on private property they can’t do anything about it . Sorry but people have said to us do it your self We have 5 times on our garage each time its £500 .

  7. This sort of spray-painted graffiti is awful. It is ugly and unsightly. Worse, I saw “Smack a Packi”(sic) written on a wall by Staffordshire Street car park. Racism and vandalism. How lovely!

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