Girl treated for leg injuries following road incident in Margate

Photo Secamb

A girl was taken to hospital for treatment after being hit by a car in Margate yesterday (October 7).

Kent Police officers were called to the collision in Ethelbert Crescent at around 6pm.

They attended the scene along with the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

An ambulance service spokesperson said: “Ambulance crews attended the scene following reports of a collision involving a car and a pedestrian. The pedestrian was assessed and treated for injuries including leg injuries before being taken to William Harvey Hospital.”


  1. Great, she goes in with a leg injury & is likely to contract Covid due to Ashford’s arrogant attitude & ignoring warnings.

    • The evidence shows you are probably right Steve, but let’s hope it is not the case on this occasion.

      Absolutely ridiculous having to go all that way, just as many others have done.

      • Also ridiculous the amount of money the nhs has to spend treating those that can’t be bothered to look after themselves, a service that has ever increasing demands placed on it can’t provide for the wants of everyone.

  2. Poor ratings at William Harvey hospital with staff ignorance of using hand sanitizers when going in and out wards whilst Covid is rampaging, amongst other issues.

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