Police issue notice to leave to Traveller group at Palm Bay green

Police issue notice to leave Photo Chris Smee

Police attended Palm Bay green today (September 30) to issue a direction to leave notice to a number of Travellers parked at the site.

A Section 61 notice can only be issued by police and can be used when there are two or more persons trespassing on the land.

The notice does not require the involvement of the courts and the return of unauthorised campers to the location within three months carries criminal sanctions.

The group left the area after receiving the notice.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called on September 21 to reports of Travellers parked on a field in Palm Bay Avenue.

“Officers liaised with the land owners and today (September 30) issued the Travellers with a direction to leave notice under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. The Travellers left the area later the same day.”

Photo Chris Smee

Criteria must be met before the police can issue a direction to leave land. Failure to comply with a direction to leave the land or a return to the land is an imprisonable and/or finable offence.

The criteria is “that two or more persons are trespassing on the land and they are present there with the common purpose of residing there for any period.”

And “police must ensure that reasonable steps have been taken by or on behalf of the landowner/occupier to ask them to leave and either that any of the persons have caused damage to the land or property or used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards the occupier or his family/agents and those persons have between them six or more vehicles on the land.”

Government guidelines had been that to minimise risk during the national coronavirus emergency, unauthorised encampments should not be evicted. However the eviction ban expired on September 20.


    • Because the term given to them is one applied to them by society…this was expalined to you before.

      If society had decided to lumber them with the epithet ‘Hopper’ would you by enquring why they are not hopping everywhere?

  1. Why are they moved on from Palm Bay so quickly when another big group have been camped out at Joss Bay for weeks and weeks?

    • This lot have been there about 10 days and are thr third lot on the field in as many months…..no fencing or decent locks on the gates enable them to keep coming back….their boys have been terrorising the primary school children by climbing into the playground while the children are playing…..they have been climbing in the gardens playing on the toys….terrorised an elderly resident climbing in her garden……human faeces in the bushes and now piles and piles of rubbish fridges, chairs, tables, clothing, computers, etc etc

      • Your use of the term terrorising is ridiculous…all to denigrate a group of people you do not approve of.

        This country stood against an evil ideology and fought it to a stand still whilst not being terrorfied in the least.

        Please dont allow your own feelings of fear to condition you to speak for others.

    • Why were they moved on at all?

      The use of section 61 should not be used willy nilly to appease local bigots.

        • Your nazi type post and calling of human being such has been noted. It will be reported.

          Thanet has no need of nazis like you in its evolving communities and as it becomes morw diverse such as you will creep back into the sewers where you belong.

          • I’m guessing that you are actually one of these travellers, make sure you clear up all your mess when you leave

          • Why are these so-called travellers, even tolerated? They should be turned off, as soon as they arrive, with their entourage, and skip fills of rubbish.

  2. Phil. Your guesses are worthless as is your nazi rhetoric.

    The people of Thanet reject right wing racism

    I wonder how many people around you know you use nazi terms for people?

    Stay no to racism and far right nazis masquerading as decent citizens!

    • Red John, what an idiot you are. You try to introduce an arguement, that makes no sense. I never mentioned anything about nazis, that is you yet again trying to create racism

      People of Thanet just want travellers not to visit here. Why should we keep paying out for the damage they cause, and the rubbish they leave behind? No doubt you will be volunteering to run around with a dustbin bag, to collect their rubbish.

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        You are a racist dinosaur and Thanet is evoling into a diverse place. Unfortunately dross like you have to be part of that.

        I do hope you dont work with the public or vulnerable people.

        • RED JOKE,you are vermin just like your traveller friends, I have never mentioned anything about nazis, you obviously have some kind of learning difficulties (I am trying to put it politely).

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          Don’t bother replying, because I will not answer you again, just promise that you will seek the help you need, and/or keep taking the medication.

  3. Cunning stunt (oh dear) people from all ethnic communities have a right to visit and reside in Thanet.

    What makes you think you have the right to question that?

    • Red Joke, I have a right to question these scumbags, leaving their faeces, and all sorts of other matter for people to clean up. Think you are fighting a losing battle, with your love for travellers.

      RED JOHN, you act like a clown, do you wear a RED nose as well, to look like a clown?

      • Cunning stunt (almost an appropriate name for you)

        The question was: What right do you think gives you the right to who visits Thanet…try to concentrate on the question and not something that wqsnt asked of you. Duh!

    • RED JOHN THE JOKER, you said you were reporting me as a nazi, for telling the traveller scum to clear off. I am still awaiting the Red Joke, traveller police.

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        • You will be surprised what I do for a living, but it does involve helping people who are vulnerable, and have learning difficulties,

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