A man has died at Ramsgate railway station despite paramedic efforts to save him

Emergency crews attended Ramsgate station this morning Photo Stephen Macabe

A man was sadly pronounced dead at Ramsgate railway station today (September 30) after he had collapsed while on a train.

South East Coast Ambulance Service was called to the station at 9.20am.

Ambulance crews attended but sadly, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, the man died at the scene.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called to Ramsgate station at 9.37am following reports of a medical emergency. Paramedics also attended. However very sadly a man was pronounced dead at the scene. His family have been informed.”


  1. Very sad indeed! Condolences to his family.

    At least there we people there to support him and call for help.

    I don’t believe Parkway would offer such support.

    • I think it is rather misguided to make comments about Parkway in this situation.
      I have no doubt whatsoever that the train crew, being in contact with a control room by radio, would be able to summon help no matter what station the train had stopped out.
      It’s reassuring to know that train staff have the care and compassion to take appropriate action when the need arises.

      • Totally agree Andrew. Very sad when comments become political. Not helpful or intelligent – sadly lacking sensitivity.

  2. My condolences to this man’s family ,think parkway comment was made with compassion as it will be unmanned and a waste of money

  3. I’m a taxi driver,just arrived at station,The gentleman,who was trying to resuscitate him, didn’t stop trying,antill ambulance arrived.l prayed for the man,really upsetting .my heart goes out to his family,and friends.

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