Actor Martin Freeman in Broadstairs to film Sky series Breeders

Actor Martin Freeman with Wilfred Jenkins from Westgate while filming in Broadstairs

The Office and Hobbit star Martin Freeman is in Broadstairs today (September 29) shooting scenes for his Sky series Breeders.

The actor, with fellow star Alun Armstrong, was caught on camera at Viking Bay by resident Richard Goldfinch.

The filming is for a second series of the comedy, which stars Martin and actress Daisy Haggard.

Production company Avalon Motion Pictures informed residents of the filming taking place today and tomorrow at locations including Viking Bay, Louisa Bay, at town businesses and at Spiro Court.

Actor Martin Freeman caught on camera by resident Richard Goldfinch

While on set at Viking Bay Martin met Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins, 24, and signed his Nativity DVD for him.

In return Wilfred, who is deaf and lives with autism, showed the star how to sign for filming. Wilfred, who does regular facebook videos with signing for different words, said: “He was brilliant and kind.”

The second series was confirmed in May this year but filming was delayed by 16 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It began on September 1 in London. The programme follows two parents who struggle with parenthood and is partially based on Freeman’s own experience as a parent. Freeman created the series and also plays the lead role.

Filming means the suspension of 22 parking bays in Chandos Square on both days, and 20 bays in the Harbour Car Park. Disabled Bays are unaffected at Chandos Square.

The crew of around 35 will be social distancing to ensure they comply with all government guidelines.


  1. With the Covid rate one of the lowest in the country we could do without these out of Towners coming in and possibly bringing it in.

    He should have stayed in the shire, or slough….

    • Oi Bob exscue me!!!!! Kathy is my friend also my mum is right because they are supporting me!!!! Be thoughtful of other people like myself with special needs because I has been his fans and Nativity is one of my favourites films and I was told about him coming today by Richard and that why I had to come to see him!

    • Masks
      Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are in an area with community transmission, and physical distancing is not possible.

  2. Why on earth shouldn’t my son be in the photos? Kathy wouldn’t do anything without Wilfreds permission!

  3. Wilfred is brilliant alway education anyone use bsl sign more help people learn for it. I know him since my school still nice being adult now :).

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