St Peter’s Co-op team leader to undergo head shave in aid of vital mental health charity

Tasha's charity head shave takes place on Saturday

A St Peter’s mum-of-four and team leader at the village Co-Op will have her long hair shaved off this weekend to raise money for mental health charity Mind.

Tasha Law says the shave is a final push as Co-Op ends its year of fundraising for the cause.

The 40-year-old says her own battle with mental health in her 20s and anxiety issues suffered by her 15-year-old son have shown her family how vital such charities are.

Tasha said: “The Co-Op has been supporting Mind for the last year but with Covid we have not been able to do a lot of fundraising so I wanted to do something big.

“A lot of people are affected with mental health, especially with the Covid situation, so the more I can raise for the charity the better.

“When I was in my early 20s I had a very bad breakdown and if I had not had charities like Mind I probably would not be here now.

“It is such a support network that helped me get better and to go on and meet my husband Christopher and have my four beautiful children.

“This is obviously for my son as well who suffers with anxiety and depression and, now with Covid, just does not want to go out.

“If we don’t help these charities they will not survive and we need them to stop other people going to very dark places like I did.”

Tasha will undergo the shave at the Co-Op on Saturday (October 3) at 9am. She also hopes to donate her hair to a charity such as the Little Princess Trust so it can be used to help others.

Donations can be made at the Co-Op in Hopeville Avenue, at the Pavilion youth café in St Peter’s recreation ground or on Tasha’s fundraising page here

For support and advice find Mind here