Thanet police officer dismissed for gross misconduct over daily cannabis use

Photo Kent Police

A Thanet Police Officer has been dismissed without notice for gross misconduct after cannabis was found at his home.

PC Justin Carter, who had served with the force since 2003, appeared before Chief Constable Alan Pughsley on September 22 for a misconduct hearing.

The hearing followed an investigation by Kent Professional Standards into the conduct of Police Constable Carter.

It was alleged that on July 21 PC Carter refused without good cause to supply the required samples when subject to a ‘With Cause Substance Abuse Test’.

It was also alleged that later the same day a search was carried out at PC Carter’s home address during which an amount of cannabis was found. When asked about the substance in an interview, the PC admitted it was cannabis and his daily use of it.

The PC accepted a Caution for the possession of Cannabis, a Class B Controlled Drug.

PC Carter was accused of breaching professional standards by grss misconduct.

All misconduct allegations were found proven and PC Carter was dismissed without notice and will be placed on the Police Barred List, preventing him from being employed in law enforcement in the future.

Chief Constable Pughsley said in his findings: “Mr Carter is an experienced police officer who joined the Force in 2003. He is a Licensing Officer. On  July 21, he refused without good cause to supply the required samples for a with cause substance abuse test and stated that he had done nothing wrong. In fact, he well knew that he had been engaging in unlawful activity in possessing and consuming a Class B controlled drug.

“Later on an amount of a substance which Mr Carter subsequently admitted was cannabis was found in the course of a search of his home address. Mr Carter admitted possessing the cannabis and that he was using it on a daily basis. On the July 22, Mr Carter accepted a Caution for the possession of cannabis which involved an admission by him that he had committed a criminal offence.

“I find that Mr Carter has breached all the Standards of Professional Behaviour. Mr Carter did lie to officers when he stated he had done nothing wrong. He has admitted that he was using cannabis on a daily basis and had not declared it. He is clearly guilty of a lack of honesty and integrity. Mr Carter had not until he was caught disclosed his possession and use of cannabis. He acted in breach of his duties and responsibilities as a police officer.

!In July 2020, Mr Carter was on his own admission using cannabis on a daily basis and yet continuing to attend for duty. His use of that substance clearly raised the prospect that his fitness for work was impaired, both in terms of his ability to discharge the duties of a police officer to the appropriate standard and in terms of whether it was safe for him to be driving a vehicle.

“In the light of the findings that I have already made, I have no hesitation in concluding that Mr Carter’s possession and consumption of unlawful drugs in the above circumstances amounted to discreditable conduct.

“Mr Carter’s actions have significantly undermined the confidence which the public places in the police and potentially put the public and his fellow officers at risk. I am clear therefore that he has been guilty of Gross Misconduct.”


        • Stupid comment. One wrong ‘’un in a force of thousands does not make Kent Police a ‘farce’.
          Look in your own back yard before making crass statements such as that.

          • Is the Thanet Police Farce anabolic steroid scene ended ?

            It is nigh 40 years since we doormen banned them, when off duty, from Neros Club.

            It is 20 years ago we reported the steroid abuse to HM Coroner in a Margate Police custody death. We reported the scene to HM Coroner in the Pc Bluestone family hammer murder tragedy. And we reported the scene to Judge Giles Rooke in the Pc Hills Pc Burgess handcuffed prisoner broken neck case. We pushed for fitness to serve medical testing.

            The press was too kind to Thanet Plod. Failing to report judicial bollockings for conspiring with known criminals to bring malicious prosecutions. Failing to report abuse of process action during which Attorney General whisked Kent Plod Chief constable away to a CPS sinecure before final hearing and failing to report that other senior plod failed to turn up to face cross examination. In 2003 Home Secretary Blunkett whisked Kent Chief constable away into a training sinecure at time Arms Decommissioners Good Friday Agreement wanted to deploy to Kent to investigate firearms certs and gun range policing.

            The late John Allen of Ramsgate sent so many complaint details to Home Secretary it brought about change of police complaints law.

            And the Force failures in anti terrorism are a disgrace In 1996, but for two MPs going to MI5, if left to Kent Police the IRA attack on mains power would not have been intercepted (By West Midlands and Met observing Broad Oak Sub Station Canterbury)

          • There are many, many in the wrong, they just cannot be trusted. When you prove one has done wrong, another clown higher up sticks up for him, when you prove he has also lied, another one, even higher up sticks up for him.

            Kent Police Farce, absolute corruption, well documented, but hidden from public eyes.

        • Ok…your one of those patroning types…sums up your post completely, means absolutely nothing as it’s just a pointless, unsubstantiated comment.

          • “it’s just a pointless, unsubstantiated comment”

            The evidence trail for many of the things mentioned, by Richard Card, has been around for years, but it’s difficult to get anything processed, when there is so much corruption within the force, and well recognised, and openly discussed, and admitted with many at Thanet station.

  1. Still just words, what corruption..?? prove what you are saying otherwise it means nothing. How can you expect to be taken seriously without substantiating what you say. You may as well whistle in the wind.

    • That’s exactly it, trying to prove how criminal some of the clowns are, is like whistling in the wind, with so much corruption.

      Stealing money from people held in cells, taking drugs from criminals, and using it for personal use, or passing it on. Exaggerating crimes, to get a conviction.

      Have you been sleeping while things go on?

  2. So they have eventually decided, to get rid of one of their own, this drug use by police, has gone on for far too long.

  3. How many of them do it? They employ mostly kids these days. The mistake this dope made it probably turning up smelling of dope from lighting up for breakfast & his eyes all bleary. The others likely do it the night before.

    • A necessity, why would you need to use drugs, to be a copper?

      Would obviously be another corrupt officer in the Kent Farce.

  4. Probably been smoking since 2003 and its now 2020. So likely been smoking it for 17 years. Clearly hasn’t affected his work otherwise he would have been pulled up sooner. This highlights again that cannabis is no worse than alcohol. Which does far much worse damage but is for some reason legal. Just because you smoke weed doesn’t mean you are necessarily bad at you job. #legaliseweed

    • Why should they legalise it? It’s an illegal drug, it should only be used for medicinal purposes, and prescribed by a doctor.

      How can it be a good thing to smoke it, the whole world knows the affects of smoking are bad.

      Should we be teaching younger generations to smoke it, because you want it legalised?

  5. Yup I do think we should be teaching them how to do it properly. But also to teach them the long and short term health issues it raises. If kids want to try weed then they will try it, curiousity is a part of being human. Misinformation is what is damaging.

    • We should be teaching them, that smoking anything is wrong. The number of smokers are gradually reducing (yes, I am an ex smoker). We should be looking at getting the numbers even lower, until smoking is seen as anti-social.

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