Protest group XR Thanet target North Thanet MP’s office as ‘climate crime scene’

XR Thanet target the office of North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale Photo Frank Leppard

Extinction Rebellion protest group XR Thanet has targeted North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale’s constituency office by creating a ‘climate crime scene.’

The environmental campaign group criticised the MP’s support of RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) which plans to create a freight hub at the Manston airport site.

They say Sir Roger is prepared to see a freight hub at Manston airport “whatever the cost to the environment, the quality of life for those living under the flightpath and to the local tourism industry.”

RSP was granted consent for the project in July. The firm says the aim is to reopen the airport in a £300m project to create an air freight hub with passenger services and business aviation. Plans for construction include 19 freight stands and four passenger stands for aircraft as well as warehousing and fuel storage to meet forecast demand. There are also proposals for a training centre.

Video Frank Leppard

XR Thanet joint co-ordinator Peter Batt said: “Manston airport has never been a commercial success, primarily because of the spare capacity of larger, more-established and better-located airports.

“Given this background and our urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Manston is precisely the kind of infrastructure project that we should scrap. The fact we’re even still discussing this represents a failure of politics at a local and national level – a failure to grasp the greatest existential threat that humanity has ever faced.

“By granting RSP consent to develop the Manston site back in July, the government has ignored both its legal obligation to cut carbon emissions under the Paris Accord, as well as its own planning and aviation experts.”

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Sir Roger says the Manston freight plan “represents a reflection of the democratic wish of the people of Thanet.”

Following the consent announcement he said: “ There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the post-Brexit and post-Covid requirement for additional runway and handling capacity has been foremost in the Minister`s mind when taking his decision.

“There is also the small matter of more than £300 million of inward investment now confirmed at a time when the economy is in the rough and unemployment is inevitably bound to rise. That money is a sum the like of which has never before been seen in East Kent and its long-term job creating potential for future generations of local young people will be colossal.”

But XR Thanet says there will be no jobs if “we kill the planet.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Mr Batt said: “Too many of our local political leaders – Sir Roger prime among them – have campaigned to reopen Manston at any cost, putting the interests of a small group of investors and supporters before that of the wider community.

“Manston is not needed, but is being sold to local people on the extremely dubious promise of jobs. What our political leaders need to understand is that if we kill the planet, there will be no jobs.

“It’s time that politicians like Sir Roger promote the greater good and ditch this vanity project.”

Supporters of the airport plan say it will create employment, increase infrastructure investment and boost the economy but those opposed to the DCO say there are issues including noise, night flights and the impact on tourism.

RSP say they expect the airport to be operational by 2023, although an expected extension of the Brexit lorry park use of the site will hold up the beginning of works for several months.

They say the scheme will create over 23,000 jobs across East Kent and the wider national economy by the airport’s 20th year of operation.

A Judicial Review bid over the consent decision has also been launched by Jenny Dawes of the Ramsgate Coastal Community Team. The Secretary of State for Transport and RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd have declared their intention to contest the claim.

They have five weeks to prepare and submit their full grounds for resisting the claim.

Manston airport closed in 2014 shortly after Stagecoach tycoon Ann Gloag bought the site from Infratil.

Find a timeline of events here


  1. Well done XR, our last glimmer of hope to stop us hitting the tipping points of no return, (we have just past one with Greenland’s ice sheet). #wewanttolive

  2. Why don’t these misguided eco warriors get jobs? Oh they can’t, there are none in Thanet worth having!
    Vandalism is not the answer, neither is attacking progress. If Manston doesn’t open, somewhere else will to take its place. Get real and offer proper solutions, not reactions.

    • Ton, so many errors it’s hard to know where to start. ‘Misguided eco-warriors’? So you’re a climate change denier? ‘Get jobs’? Everyone I know in XR has a job. ‘vandalism’? A few posters and tape. What about the vandalism of a cargo hub destroying life in Thanet? ‘Progress’? The aviation industry is past, not future. Proper solutions? How about investing in clean green industries; wind, solar, hydrogen. Burning huge quantities of fossil fuel just to get fresh flowers from across the world. Bonkers.

    • That’s a big assumption. XR have a number of groups: doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, scientists. The majority take leave or protest on their day off. Petitions and writing letters to our MPs has done nothing. We have seen the levels of corruption and public money given to the chums of the Tories, enough is enough. So they now have to step up their fight for protecting your future as well as their own.

      • I’ll decide who fights for protecting my future,and how I want them to do it,and I’ll decide what I want for my future;I DON’T need opinionated,pretentious extremists to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing,thinking,wanting,or believing in.It’s 2020,NOT 1984…

  3. Gale’s side losing their grip

    Britain Elects
    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 42% (+3)
    CON: 39% (-3)


    Chgs. w/ 11 Sep

    • The ONLY poll that matters is the one at the ballot box,and last time round that saw a big win for King Boris and his minions.Now,which polls predicted that…?

      • Pity we don’t have proportional representation. That would give a much more realistic view of people’s political leanings. Johnson seems more like a would-be dictator than a king.

  4. Well if that’s their agenda, perhaps they’ll be having a go at Councillor Whitehead and Co. and protesting about the plans for legion house, a listed building no insulation , no need to meet building regs , but will be heated 24/7 for its intended use. Please on that one of will their double standards prevail.

  5. I would happily accept the cargo airfield if Gale was able to explain why, when it comes to his own family he says:
    “I am not remotely unsympathetic to the concerns expressed by colleagues representing seats in west and south London. My daughter has a home in Chiswick under the flightpath to Heathrow. I am a sufficiently infrequent overnight stayer not to have become acclimatised to the air traffic, so I understand what it means, and I also have considerable concern for the quality of the air that my grandson will breathe during the course of his young life.”

    But when it comes to Ramsgate, he is not that bothered about the health of my grandchildren.

  6. I agree there is climate change and it’s been brought about by the lies told by David Attenborough and these misguided idiots. It’s no coincidence that during the lockdown with hardly any cars on the roads and very few people travelling to and work and most planes grounded that we’ve had one of the hottest summers on record. The reason is the cleaner our atmosphere the more damage the sun rays will do to us.
    More skin cancers, more droughts, more famines more hose pipe bans, more bush fires, more failed crops, more ice caps melting. The dust and pollution around the earth is nature’s way of protecting us. If that pollution is removed the sun will be far stronger and very much more dangerous. Those who call for climate change are trying to harm us all, they are totally misguided irresponsible and have no credibility at all. Idiots of the highest order.

      • The ONLY opinion poll that matters – as we’ve seen often in the last few years – is the one at the ballot box.And,last time,a big majority for the winning side.Now,which poll predicted that? Oh,it was none of them…

    • There is climate change because of David Attenborough telling lies? Don’t make me laugh!

      I’m beginning to think that “Ann” is a spoof.

    • Ann, you are mistaking climate and weather. Your PhD by RSP University is as worthless as the economic projection of Marsden Airport. You dont have to worry about climate change as you are living your sunny uplands years.

      • The Sahara? Why not just take them outside and shoot them,problem solved forever,then.Or,just have everybody who disagrees with you shot.Then,you’ll have exactly the kind of world you want,where everyone agrees with you all time – the handful of people left alive,that is…

        • If they went to the Sahara then they could actually see the results of desertification. If shot dead, they won’t learn anything.

  7. If the 50s 60s 70s no ice caps were melting despite all the coal fires and pollution from industry however then the lies of climate change started. We now have far more skin cancers more bush fires more famine more water shortages and of course more ice caps melting. Checks the facts not bull.s**t.

    • The bush fires ARE worse due to climate change The ground is dryer, more intense lightning strikes make it the perfect conditions. Yes, we were aware of climate change, however the fossil fuel industries blocked and covered up research as it would be a risk to their profits. The problem is, that now we are experiencing the effects of inaction. Siberia, Australia and California on fire, record breaking floods in Asia. The Sahel becoming unliveable resulting in the migration north. People dying from air pollution (28 THOUSAND each year as recorded by Public Health England and 4.6 MILLION across the world according to WHO). Britain facing floods that are damaging crops and rendering land contaminated, the list goes on. People unable to insure their homes due to insurance companies wising up to the risks.
      Skin cancer is predominantly caused by people being stupid and relying on sunbeds which has been a growing industry, hence the rise in skin cancer.

  8. I’m parking any reply to Ann’s gross ignorance into my own virtual sidebar of shame so I can cope with it.

    Well done to this protest group for highlighting Roger Gales monstrous hypocritical actions. A man who protests at Heathrow but cheerleads for the failed aviator and struck off solicitor in his own back yard.

    Whatever way you look at it, Manston doesn’t add up and clearly there are thousands who are not going to sit idly by, while a bunch of gammon flat earth kippers try and ruin our lives.

      • Fully support the airport. Loved seeing and hearing the planes fly over. Can’t wait for it to come back to life.

        • At the moment, you’d be hard pressed to hear planes anywhere. Aviation is struggling. Easyjet is about to go under.
          Handy hint: if you like hearing aircraft, then instead of inflicting the noise and pollution on the rest of us, plug your headphones into your device, go into YouTube, and search for “noisy aircraft”.

          • Andrew why don’t you buy a cheap house elsewhere and stop trying to stop the areas opportunity. You obviously sit in your bargain price house garden with no idea how impoverished the town centres are because of no opportunity for the young. It will bring the area alive and despite you all your efforts to feel righteous about climate change we need frieght to come in this country to have all your food, drink and mods and cons you enjoy in your bargain price house at low prices. Stop the righteousness Andrew. We all know you are full of rubbish

          • People who want an airport often tell those of us who don’t to move. I thought I’d see what the response would be if I suggested it to one of them.

  9. Example of the man talking on radio 4 phone-in gardening program. “ for the past five years I have not washed the roof of my greenhouse off and had an abundance of crops. This year I washed the dust and algae off the outside of the roof and sides of the greenhouse and most of my plants have died due to the heat” ( presenter) Yes by removing the dust and algae from the outside of your greenhouse you have removed its protective cover from the harmful rays of the sun, hence the reasons we have to paint the white on in the hotter months, I agree this year has been exceptionally hot.

  10. “ This year is on course to be the world’s hottest since measurements began, according to meteorologists, who estimate there is a 50% to 75% chance that 2020 will break the record set four years ago.” IT DID

    • Yes, that would be climate change. The heat rise, leads to the seas heating up giving more energy to storms and hurricanes. The result: crop failures from flooding, soil erosion and contamination. Less crops = more hunger. Do you know what drives climate change? Greenhouse gases from things like aviation and cars/trucks. On one hand you are worried about climate change and it’s effects, yet you support a cargo hub which will have carbon spewing planes and carbon spewing trucks going in and out of it?
      Has the penny dropped now?
      Can you understand now why sensible people are against the airport?
      There are no jobs on a dead planet.

      Our kids need to be able to enjoy the things in life we have: reliable food sources, no worries of famine or new pandemics, being able to make the decision to have children of their own without worrying they are subjecting their children to a life of war and hunger. It’s time for people to step up to the challenges our future generations will face and actually do something about it.

  11. So when has there ever been any attempt to find out the democratic views of the majority of Thanet residents on the airport? In Thanet it’s the view of the people who shout the loudest which are heard. Roger Gale, you do not speak for me.

    • Careful what you wish for. The anti airporters would lose the poll hands down. Too late now, it will happen, far better than a sea of houses with all the pollution that will bring.

      • Not necessarily. People are waking up to the climate crisis. The young are swelling the voting ranks and have a vested interest in their future. Providing the facts are clearly laid out and RSP reveal the investors of this pie in the sky project, I have more confidence that common sense would prevail. The planning inspectorate recommended refusal after spending months looking at the evidence, Covid has forced people to reflect on their lifestyles and want more work/life balance. Flying for business is on it’s knees so those flight slots at already functioning airports are freed up and will be more attractive to cargo handler businesses as they are located in better positions. Established airports will be offering better deals than what RSP will be able to offer as they will have to factor in trucking in the fuel. Anyone with half a brain can see the facts and make a reasonable decision.
        What we need is to release Manston from the shackles of being an airfield so that it can realise it’s potential. Not long ago there were campaigns to get more activities into Thanet like an ice rink and indoor leisure pool. Ideas like that would be great for the tourism industry which employs a lot of people in this area, from B&Bs, hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. Even old Craig was stating that Thanet’s economy relied on Tourism this morning on TV, yet he wants to extinguish it with a cargo hub? Let’s rethink Manston’s future as one that will bring in long term gain and steady employment not automated robots.
        Don’t forget we also have to fit in thousands of houses into our tiny island. Our road systems are already overloaded. Placing a big proportion at Manston with proper road, cycle paths and bus links will take the pressure off the rest of the isle and enable us to protect the little bit of green land we have left (tree coverage is only 4% in Thanet).

        • The “young” (whatever such a generalization means) don’t vote much,and anyway are heavily outnumbered by the “oldies” (another generalization,I know) who do.

          • The ‘oldies’ are being killed off by Covid. Remember Boris was quite happy to throw that generation under a bus in the name of ‘herd immunity’ or have you still got your rose-tinted glasses on?

      • There is a marked difference between a regional airport handling a handful of flights a week and firms offering offering passenger flights till they went bust and a 24/7 cargo hub which is the current offer. I think the majority may be in favour of the former but not of the later – providing they understand the difference.

    • Sad you see it that way – Gale was democratically elected to speak for the whole of his constituency,not just those who voted for him.Or,do you have a problem with democracy?

  12. On the one hand, you’ve got the overwhelming consensus of science that says climate change in general and global warming in particular are happening and anthropogenic; on the other hand there is Ann.
    It goes without saying that flying, that most environmentally damaging form of transport, should be cut to the bone. It’s indefensible. It’s quite reasonable to consider that in our lifetimes, substantial parts of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps will melt, with consequent sea level rises of 10s of metres.

    • First 2 right,not the 3rd – the global scientific community is split close to 50-50 on whether human activity is the cause.Do the research on the numbers. However,not much is ever heard from the alternative viewpoint,as those who want to blame humans for climate change make the most noise and abuse any naysayers as ignorant,uneducated,and so on.NOT a very intellectual debating stance…

  13. Mr Emmaline do you like wearing ladies clothes.?
    Anyone who can’t see through the lies of sad idiots like David Attenborough needs to go to SpecSavers. Mr doom and gloom himself has made a lot of money telling us we are all doomed. He has shares in solar panel company’s and electric vehicles. That’s like drilling holes in the bottom of boats and owning the lifeboats.

    • Ann I don’t know who you are ? My name’s joe and your comment here is one of the funniest lines in the English language.
      No longer care about global warming because I’m too busy laughing .
      never laughed so hard in years , debate on global warming suddenly bored me opting for amusing out a great comment from a comic genius if not a complete expert on the earth , I kind of like ya for making me happy regardless of science or the wizard of oz etc .

      Please continue

    • I see Ann has resorted to her spiteful self. What has SIR Attenborough got to do with Emmeline’s clothing preference? Are you anti-gay too (that would not surprise me)? So what if he has shares in green energy, most sensible people do. A bridge is missing it’s troll.

  14. Just another lesson for the uneducated among you. If one has ice cubes in a full glass of water when the ice cubes melt the level of the water does NOT rise and overflow from the glass. The displacement of water made by the weight of the ice cubes Is the same volume of water. Mr doom and gloom likes to tell us we will all have to phone RNLI when the ice caps melt. As old Donald would say fake news yet again by the snowflakes.

  15. These people utter morons , deprived area like Thanet needs an economy boost , airport was there before houses , if your not happy then don’t buy a house by a flight path , these sad misguided individuals need to get back to reality

    • DT
      yes thanet does need a economy boost but in the right industry, an airport is totally the wrong industry for lots of reasons

      1, no need for another airport the established airports have lots of spare compacity.
      2, Manston has very poor infrastructure , motorway only 2 lanes and no rail link
      3, Manston not on the national fuel grid so the cost of planes landing and refuel will be enormous
      4, Manston has gone bust ever time its been a stand alone airport without the government ( RAF ) paying for it.
      5, People need to stop thinking ‘IF’ Manston reopens its going to be like it was as a RAF airport with a few planes once aweek
      6, Who is going to invest over 300million into it ?
      7, Why would any haulage company more form Gatwick or Midlands ?

      thats just 7 reasons, ps people have bought houses when the airport was bust so dont keep throwing that at people its childish , answer my 7 points and tell us why Manston this time wont go bust

    • Thanet does need better job opportunities. But aviation won’t bring them. Everyone from the Davies Commission to the Planning Inspectorate says that Manston is in the wrong place and there’s no market.

  16. Unrealistic girl try to do something you are do not usually do, THINK.
    These Scientist your quote and organisations you look to are these the same type of scientist who have millions of pounds invested in the same companies that are trying to find a vaccine do you think that it is as I said in my earlier post a coincidence that this year has been the hottest summer on record throughout the world the same world that has had lockdown due to the coronavirus we had no planes flying no traffic was driving the whole world was in lockdown and the Sun has done more damage this year to the earth than it’s done in a lifetime do you really think that’s a coincidence????? wake up and smell the coffee. As for you being rude saying I am “thick” well I live in a very nice house here at North Foreland I’m a director of six companies I am a patron to a charity I’ve got a few bob, I give £100,000 to charity’s each year so not bad I would say for someone who is “ thick”. It’s amazing what one can actuality achieve if one THINKS.

    • Ann, its ok to be thick. It does not stop thick people to be prime ministers, secretary of transport, MPs, own pub chains, etc.
      I bet you get 6/6 on this checklist:
      – supports cargo airfield.
      – denies climate emergency
      – thinks masks for coronavirus are evil
      – Knows brexit will work
      – Feels Farage would be the best PM since Churchill
      – Wishes Trump could be Farage’s vicechancellor

      • King Boris obtained a 2:1 degree at Oxford (on a scholarship) in Classics, which means he can speak and read Latin and Ancient Greek,which (and I can speak from personal experience) are both INCREDIBLY difficult languages to master.One thing he isn’t is thick.

        • Speaking from personal experience, Latin isn’t incredibly difficult, and Ancient Greek wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

        • WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Boris is thick as mince. Only someone pedantic and pompous signing as s “Dr” on an anon forum would equate a 2:1 in dead languages to intelligence. Thick as a Grayling

  17. No Ann, you need to think. Are you accusing THOUSANDS of scientists of some conspiracy? I bet you believe in the George Soros conspiracy too, which again says more about you than me. Well done on having a nice house and businesses, it doesn’t make you a decent human being though does it? In terms of lockdown many studies predict it had a negligence effect on the earth’s heating and we are still on course to exceed the IPCC’s predictions.

  18. WOW Ann.

    That is some extremist view to save our planet we need more polluting planes, cars, coal buring power stations. All the things have have weaken the ozone layer which protects the plant from the suns harmful rays.

    I really dont know if you are being serious or just a wind up merchant.

    If you seriously believe opening up a highly polluting airport will save the world , I dont know what to say its so mind blowing bonkers.

    But fret not manston wont open no one is going to invest 300million plus into an airport which isnt needed. With very bad road and rail connections, plus no fuel grid , plus lots of extra space at Gatwick etc.

  19. Gosh, looking at all these post on this subject seems to have ruffled a few feathers. I must admit I think Ann has a point. I would like the scientist to give us an explanation as to what do they think was the causes of the hottest year in the world on record the same year the world has been in lockdown and pollution was at it’s lowest on record.

    • My friends’ friend’s friend at Keele University (Keith) says that you have to distinguish between short-term events (weather) and long term events (climate).
      The long-term trend is for the climate to warm up. Over the past 200 or so years, since the Industrial Revolution, this has been the case. But during this time interval there have been short term fluctuations. Remember the cold winter recently (the “Beast from the East”) which came some decades after the very hit summer of 1976.
      Climate change deniers frequently confuse “Weather” and “Climate” and try to sustain their argument based on that confusion.

      • A friend of a friend of a friend at Keele Uni? Are they a graduate,or an undergraduate?Who is this titan of academia,I want to read ALL of their peer reviewed,published academic work…

        • Ooooooh, look at the academic, throwing around his credentials and lingo like ‘peer reviewed’ and ‘published’.

          Walk me through the academic evidence used by RSP and Shappie to justify the Marsden cargo dream

    • The “greenhouse effect” depends on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. It has been increasing for as long as people have been burning coal, gas, petrol, aviation fuel etc.
      During lockdown, the emission of CO2 fell by about 17%. But the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere stayed the same, because it takes the Earth 10,000s of years to get rid of the CO2 produced by humans in a couple of lifetimes.
      So, the CO2 leves, despite lockdown, were much the same as last year.

    • William, maybe this can help.
      Find an adult but preferible not Ann to supervise the experiment.
      Go to the kitchen, find the kettle, put it on the stove, let it boil.
      Once you notice it is boiling, switch stove off.
      According to Dr Ann, PhD in Earth Climate, as we stop the source of energy, the kettle should be immediately cold.
      Would you touch the kettle with you hand?

  20. I think people should stop responding to Ann with a bit of luck she might get bored if she doesn’t have anyone to argue with and it’s not like she is talking sense

  21. Hi Ann, I am surprised you respond to the post on here they are in a different League to you. They are supporting and condoning vandalism. These types are narrow minded and blinkered they don’t care about jobs at Manston airport or anywhere else . They really are not worth bothering about you only have to read their post to see that.

    • BILL

      seeing as DT wont answer my questions perhaps you would be so kind to explain how Manston is going to work by answer my question so far not one pro Manston supporter has answered any of them so i will repost them for you to answer

      many thanks Confused

      1, no need for another airport the established airports have lots of spare compacity.
      2, Manston has very poor infrastructure , motorway only 2 lanes and no rail link
      3, Manston not on the national fuel grid so the cost of planes landing and refuel will be enormous
      4, Manston has gone bust ever time its been a stand alone airport without the government ( RAF ) paying for it.
      5, People need to stop thinking ‘IF’ Manston reopens its going to be like it was as a RAF airport with a few planes once aweek
      6, Who is going to invest over 300million into it ?
      7, Why would any haulage company more form Gatwick or Midlands ?

      thats just 7 reasons, ps people have bought houses when the airport was bust so dont keep throwing that at people its childish , answer my 7 points and tell us why Manston this time wont go bust

    • If the supporters of Manston ex-airport hadn’t persuaded the former council to believe it had the potential for enormous success when/if re-opened, SHP’s plan would have provided jobs on that site.

      Pollution-free jobs.

      A cargo hub airport sounds like vandalism on a grand scale.

    • Yes Bill, vandalism is terrible. But at some point people have to face consequences for their actions. The MP for Hypocrisy is supporting my grandson to be harmed.
      So when you say vandalism, I hear self-defense.
      Again, waiting for all the law-abiding supporters of the filth airport to explain why aviation pollution is bad for Rog,s family but not for mine.
      We are poor but no less worthy than his…

    • “these types are narrow minded and blinkered” – exactly WHHY people,whether Ann or anyone else,should bother about them and challenge them openly.

  22. I feel for those that cling to the outdated and multiple time failed project that is manston airport. The Thanet holiday makers rejected time and time again using Manston as an tourist airport and yet even those that had not used the airport whilst using Heathrow and Gatwick were “devastated” it was closing and now seem intent on pushing a narrative that a freight airport would create thousands of jobs. Spoiler alert – it won’t.

    Move on and stop clinging to a Thanet airport the majority of us that actually live on Thanet do not want it.

    As for our tourist MPs unhappy to have flights anywhere near their actual homes are happy to blight Thanet with airports and unwanted statues.

    Do not vote for these jokers again. We should have two Thanet residents representing us.

    • You seem so sure about the future – can I please borrow your crystal ball so I can find out what the next EuroMillions draw numbers are?oh wait…!

      • You believe trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a sensible approach??

        The company itself has not promised any jobs for local people or attempted to sell local people on the airport because they know that’s not the plan. They will bring in airport workers from elsewhere.

        This will lead to noise pollution, air pollution and traffic caused from freight leaving the area – there will be zero or near zero benefits to Thanet and that’s a fact.

  23. DFL’s telling long term residents what we should be doing, If living in Thanet is so bad why have these people relocated here. simple answer it is cheaper to live hear and make more noise than living in London, Thanet needs the jobs and infrastructure Manston Airport when open will deliver, sorry if you do not like it, go find another run down part of the UK to spout out your rants and views.

    • As someone who has lived here ‘all my life’ I prefer living without an airport. You can’t compare the two scenarios of the minimal number of flight movements with what is planned. That’s like comparing living in a cul-de-sac to living by a motorway. Besides the DFLs have lived near airports and congested roads, they have moved to better their quality of life and end up moving to an area where a proportion of the locals want to embrace that suffering and shun their investment?
      I think we should take heed and be thankful we live in a desirable place and strive for something worthwhile at Manston which will create jobs and be in keeping with the environment. Unfortunately the shouty people in Thanet are fixated on living in the past and can’t think outside the box on Manston’s potential.

    • Sorry pal, we are going to take over your town, like we have done with Margate, and we are going to open microbreweries and artisan coffee shops and barbershops and boutique streetwear slash skate video film production companies until Ramsgate looks like Shoreditch. We are going to buy all your massive victorian and edwardian properties which you cant afford to maintain anyway. Then all the jobs you would be able to apply would be emptying bins in heathrow, where you for sure would have moved so you keep enjoying plane fuel fumes.

      You all long time residents had your chance but were too lazy to keep Ramsgate shining. Now its too late, and with covid we are coming in droves. By next summer you will be a minority. By next winter you will be history

        • Keep laughing, but if you have a third of qualifications you say you have, then you know the foggie brigade still talking about Madston and the battle of britain should be worried. We are going to gentrify the s- out of Ramsgate so next thing they know they will be sleeping under the arches of waddaspoon.

          Wait until the 2nd corona wave kicks in properly and the graphic designers, architects, software developers, to name a few, finally decide to move here, following the hundreds of articles popping up on the Guardian, Time Out, GQ and Esquire praising Ramsgate…

  24. Can I just say that there is nothing in the report about nitrogen pollutant and the severity of our biodiversity. Which have conservation orders on.

    About time we kept the airport as a nature reserve. Let our biodiversity stay alive. Will RSP change conservation laws. Or do a study like tdc did lol

  25. A secondary school child or infant school child does not want cargo.
    What I see is that you were sad at the attempts to run manston as an airport.
    Failed because at first freudman went bust. Never paid us the 500k back yet. Kcc gave him that last time. So we throw tax at a project that went bust.
    INFRATIL aka stagecoach new Zealand aka Brian Souter promised money invested he sold to his sister. Sister sold to Cartner and Musgrave then arrives freudman

  26. Yes to airport no to þhousands of people, cars, rubbish, unemployment, influx of new residents, crime and all the other things that mass migration brings

    • Derek, you are still going to have the influx of new residents. The thousands of houses are coming regardless. The issue is that the majority could have been placed at Manston. With good bus and cycle links it could have been really well laid out. However now we have got to squish those thousands of houses into the remainder of Thanet resulting in all those issues across the island. Along with gridlock and paving over more of our precious agricultural land. If SHP had been given the go ahead those houses and businesses could have started resulting in employment now not in 20 years time.

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