Police and Coastguard search for woman reported missing in Margate

HM Coastguard

Police and Coastguard were called into action to following a report of concern for a ‘missing’ woman yesterday (September 25).

Kent Police received the call at around 4.20pm. Officers carried out enquiries to locate her, which included searching Margate seafront with the assistance of HM Coastguard Margate.

HM Coastguard Herne Bay was also called in to assist. The woman was safely found at 7.30pm.

HM Coastguard Margate said: “The weather conditions were horrendous with wind easily blowing to severe gale force 9 and the waves were swamping the promenades.

Search teams were sent out to search the cliff top areas.

“The missing person was spotted by a Coastguard Officer and contact was made, the person was ok and the police were called to take them home. “


  1. I really don’t understand why people go out in dangerous weather conditions. It isn’t fair on the RNLI. If it was someone just going out for a swim then I think they should be fined and the money given to RNLI

  2. She might have been in distress and not in the right mind to be thinking straight. Lets hope all will be well and ok.

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