Sponsored: True Support and Training can help employers offer jobs with Kickstart scheme

The Kickstart scheme is open to all kinds of industry

True Support and Training are pleased to announce we are an approved representative for the Government’s Kickstart scheme and able to work with companies across the UK.

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

This is part of the government’s Plan for Jobs and aims to create hundreds and thousands of new, fully funded jobs across England, Scotland and Wales.

Funding will cover for each job placement:

  • 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week
  • Associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • Employer minimum automatic enrolment contribution

The fund will also award £1500 to an employer for each Kickstart job placement, to support with training the individual as well as helping pay other set-up costs.

The placements on offer must be for additional job roles and not for roles that would have otherwise been advertised, or to replace an existing employee.

Our talented and experienced team of consultants will work with you to ensure we find the most suitable candidates for your vacancy.  There are no fees incurred to you.

For more information on funding or the scheme or details on how to place your vacancy with us, please call 01843 220636 or email [email protected]

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  1. Lots of government money being pumped into private companies, but no ambition. And no sense of future employment prospects.

    We should be deliberately creating new jobs in :—–
    A) Green energy—solar, wind, tidal, water etc Lots of valuable engineering training needed.
    B) Home insulation. ALL homes to be properly insulated with roof insulation, triple glazing, wall insulation. Private landlords to be OBLIGED to provide it. This will require a large and trained workforce.
    C) Improved Pensions , payable from the age of 60 years. This will encourage more of us to retire to make way for the next generation. Too many of us stagger on with growing ailments but feel unable to stop working for fear of the lost income.
    D) Expanded NHS workforce. The current Covid19 crisis has exposed how depleted our medical staff have become. Thousands of job vacancies exist in the NHS already. But the pandemic has led to unnecessary deaths from cancer and heart disease because there are just not enough staff to take the strain.
    E) Restore the amounts of money given by central government to Local Authorities so the Councils can get back to employing sufficient Youth Workers, Librarians, Police Officers, street cleaners, Social Care staff in Council care Homes etc.

    The lists of jobs that the country needs to fill is almost endless.
    We should stop thinking that the future should just be like the past where the only growth area was in coffee and sandwich shops and burger joints. There are far more fundamental jobs to revive and train for.
    And, please, stop shouting about “But where will we get the money from?” The government has been shovelling cash into private companies over the last ten years and the National Debt has skyrocketed. They don’t seem to worry too much.
    We seemed to manage to afford a war from 1939 to 1945. I don’t recall Churchill calling a halt in 1943 by saying “Sorry and everything, I know we are starting to win but we are all out of cash. Have to be careful with the national finances, you know!”
    When we need it, they can find the money! And we need it!!

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