Jail for distraction burglars who stole bag from Margate woman in her 90s

Two burglars who tricked their way into the home of an elderly woman in Margate and stole her handbag as she asked them to leave, have been jailed for over three years each.

Christopher McDonagh and Bradley Thompson took the bag containing cash, bank cards and an engagement ring after distracting the victim away from it as they stood in her Mill Lane home.

During the evening of Thursday, June 11, the pair had rung the doorbell of the victim’s property, and by pretending to be a visiting relative using the front door intercom, convinced her to let them in.

As they walked into the room, the victim, a woman in her 90s, realised they had lied and told them to leave.

They didn’t immediately leave but caused a disturbance first before walking out. The victim realised afterwards that her bag had been stolen.

An investigation into the distraction burglary was launched by Kent Police and during CCTV enquiries, local officers were able to identify the two thieves as McDonagh and Thompson.

They were each charged with one count of burglary, which they admitted at Canterbury Crown Court.

McDonagh, 43, of William Avenue in Margate, was sentenced on July 22 to three years and four months in prison.

Thompson, 44 and of no fixed address, initially denied the charge before changing his plea. He was jailed for a total of three years and nine months on Tuesday (September 22).

Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson from the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad, said: “In court it was heard Thompson and McDonagh had targeted the property due to the victim’s age which is just deplorable.

“They stole items important to her, both financially and sentimentally valuable. Her engagement ring which she has kept safe for years, is not something that can be replaced.

“For two men to be able to treat a lone elderly woman like that and steal her belongings, really shows very little decency from the pair. She must have been frightened – understandably – and I hope she feels safer knowing they have been jailed.”


  1. In her 90s wouldnt hurt a fly, the engagement ring was a treasured piece from her late husband.
    Surely someone must know where this ring is.
    The cash although a lot can eventually be replaced but that ring was something that her late husband gave her.

    These scum really are the lowest of the low.
    I really hope they get what they deserve in prison.

  2. So this isit the first time this peice of dog shit has done this, if they branded his forehead with “Thief” the poor lady would not of let him in, because putting him back inside he gets to mwt all of his old buddys agin.

  3. Likely they were after cash for their next purchase in the drug mecca that has developed around St. Johns Rd. / Addington Street.
    What a charming pair.

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